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  1. Supports 1.12 version?
  2. I don't think so
  3. The plugin is now supporting 1.7.10 (1 cmd is broken) 1.8 (works) 1.8.1 (works) 1.8.2 (works) 1.8.3 (works) 1.8.4 (works) 1.8.5 (works)
    1.8.6 (works) 1.8.7 (works) 1.8.8 (works) 1.8.9 (works) 1.9-1.12.2 works fine too!
  4. chefren updated ► Ultra Essentials ◄ 1.8 SUPPORT || OVER 20 COMMANDS || 95% EDITABLE || [1.8-1.12.2] with a new update entry:

    ► Ultra Essentials ◄ || OVER 20 COMMANDS || 95% EDITABLE ||SUPPORTING NOW [1.8-1.12.2]

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  5. I have some problems/ ideas:

    1. "An internal error occurred", when I use /ping (I play on a localhost, maybe because of that?)
    2. When I try to tp to an not-existing player, "an internal error occurred". Please add a message like "This player isn't online" or someting.
    3. When I try to tp an not-existing player to me, every time, it says: "Player has been sucessfully teleported to you". Please add a message like said in 2.
    3. My name doesn't disappear when I use /vanish.
    4. When I try to feed players who doesn't have hunger, "an internal error occurred", please add a message!
    5. Maybe add the command /w for clearing the weather and /w r for raining, /w th for thundering! It would be awesome!
    6. When I use /kill, the normal Minecraft-command works, but the plugin says "an internal error occurred" (remove this command, because /kill is already a normal Minecraft command)
  6. Thanks for posting this here, and I'll fix this soon.
  7. Thanks for your fast answer! If you fix that, I'll edit my review to 5 starts! :)
  8. I have another idea: add the command:
    /near - print all names in the chat

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