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    So I have just downloaded PEX, and setup some basic permissions on 5-6 groups. I have just added (to 3 ranks in ezranks) to test ranking up. It works fine. I have added '/pex user NAME group add B' for example when ranking up to B rank.

    When I type (In game) /pex user chromelegends(My admin) group add SrMod(for testing), it adds him to the group 'SrMod', as you can see here: http://prntscr.com/7maz08

    For some reason, it SETS his group as SrMod, not just adding it as the other A B C did. This also means that /rankup will not work.

    PEX permissions.yml file: http://pastebin.com/8aRNYHPr
  2. What do you mean? SrMod is his primary group, as it has the highest priority (800). I believe EzRanksLite uses the primary group, so EzRanksLite will think ChromeLegends' primary group is SrMod.

    If I recall correctly you can also setup EzRanksLite to use permissions to check in which group the user is. E.g. check for group.A to check whether player is member of A. Otherwise you should set the highest prison rank achievable with highest priority.


    A - 1
    B - 2
    C - 3

    EDIT: Then SrMod rank should have a lower priority than any of your achievable ranks.
  3. Still puts him in 'SrMod' group, when he should be in C. http://prntscr.com/7mbda4
  4. Did you restart the server fully? I'm pretty sure that PEX still has something cached.
  5. Fully restarted, stopped and started. http://prntscr.com/7mbeu8 Still like that.
  6. Well, chat is something different than primary group. Chat usually uses prefix, suffix. Prefix & suffixes can have a so called 'weight' in PEX. Use '/pex group <group> weight <weight>'. A higher weight has higher priority.
  7. So I set the same weights as I did in the config, which you saw a screenshot for: http://prntscr.com/7mbeu8
  8. Sorry, it's only now that I realise it's a /list output. Could you actually check whether /rankup works?
  9. It does.

    It executes this command: /pex user [USER] group add [RANKING UP TO GROUP] (/pex user Tom group add B)
  10. Try EZRL2.0, it has reportedly solved pex issues.
    I'll be migrating over to it when I get time to have a thorough look at it.

    Also, thought i'd share this:
    When I ADD a group to a player, if they only posses one group which is the DEFAULT group, then the ADD function OVERWRITES the default group, SETTING their only group to the new group that was "added".
    This is a pain for me as I get players who are A-rank and donate for ranks, and it breaks their rank as they are no longer on the letter ladder.
  11. I see, but the thing is, why does it set the 'SrMod (Just one of my staff ranks which I randomly created for testing purposes), as the main group (the blue image you saw was /list /ewho or /who (whatever you want to call it)).
  12. For that, you need to set up weights.

    Here's my weight setup:

    • A: 35
    • B: 34
    • C: 33
    • .
    • .
    • .
    • Rank1: 9000
    • Rank2: 8999
    • Rank3: 8998
    • Rank4: 8997
    • Rank1: 5000
    • Rank2: 4999
    • Rank3: 4998
    • Rank4: 4997
    The numbers can be anything really, as long as the Letter ladder has the lowest numbers, Donors being at the highest end and staff being in the middle.

    I believe the weight-setting command is /pex weight group {weight}
  13. SrMod: 5000
    A: 50
    B: 49
    C: 48
    D: 47

    This is what we see:

    http://prntscr.com/7mbv9q I think it worked.....

    Edit:// Just made a random donator rank, and set the weight to 9000, and I see this: http://prntscr.com/7mbvrv - it does have 1 single permission node (essentials.warps.quartz).