Spigot ★★★★★RateMe★★★★★ 1.4

The easiest way to rate a staff member

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    ★★★★★RateMe★★★★★ - The easiest way to rate a staff member

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  2. Do you can add BungeeCord support :D? or MySQL support to sync it with other servers
  3. I will add MySQL support as soon as i can!
  4. This looks awesome, great idea! will try and leave a review!
  5. That sounds like more of a permissions/ranks plugin, if you mean adding the ability to set ranks. Perhaps you should elaborate what you mean.
  6. great plugin, need to fix an issue with it just giving players free books. doesnt seem to be a way to limit ratings yet so this is a bit of an issue. also there is no way for players to turn in their description book aside from handing it to the staff member, im sure this feature is coming, just wanted to note it for ya
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    Ask Proof + Bug fix

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  8. What do you mean by "there is no way for players to turn in their description book"?
    whenever the book is signed it deletes the book from the player's inventory and registers the rating description in the Ratings.yml file
  9. whatever it was it seems to be resolved now, players still keep their rating book, but are now limited to just 1.so that fixes my issue. thanks!
  10. How are players keeping their rating book? are there any errors in console when the book gets signed?
    @kamikazifrosty i tried with 1.9.2, since your server is 1.9.2, and i found out what you mean, somehow the event isn't called, i'll look into it and i'll update the plugin asap
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  11. @kamikazifrosty

    Last minute update regression (ie: the reason for delay): BookEditEvent has been temporarily removed as a workaround for decompiler determinism issues.

    md_5 in update 1.9
    I'm sorry, but to keep this plugin indipendent from others like ProtocolLib i'm not able (for now) to fix this problem.
    updating plugin description now.
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  12. theres no errors in console,
    -A player does the command, the gui pops up, u click 5 stars or whatever, the menu closes and a blank enchanted book and quill pops into the players inv. the player writes whatever, then signs it and it just stays in their inventory. the player used to be able to just repeat this and not enter anything into the books and just get infinite books, but now it is limiting them to just 1 book per person they rate. i am currently not getting any reports in the config either just the star ratings.
    i'll remove all configs/data and reinstal it, then let ya know how that goes.
    (running spigot 1.9.2 btw)
  13. ah ok i get it, srry just read that.