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    AutomaticInventory - Automatically sorts inventory and chests, and auto-equips replacement tools and item stacks.

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  2. does it also work with 1.7.10?
  3. Probably not. Developed and tested on latest 1.8.*.
  4. is it possible to just use the stack refil funtion and disable the autosort of chests/inventories? i want this sort function but my players dont like when their chest got autosorted :\
  5. Each player who doesn't like it can turn those features off. When your players first played after the plugin was installed, they got messages explaining this to them. If they missed the messages, the command they want for toggling sorting features is /autosort.
  6. The plugin is performing perfectly on my server...everything is exactly as expected. I do have one suggestion that was brought up by a couple of players on my server though: Give players the ability to exclude certain chests from the autosorting feature.

    So for example, a player could run a command like /autosort dontsort and then click or right click on a chest. From that point on that chest would no longer be sorted when they access it. It could work like a toggle, so if the player uses the command and then clicks on a chest that is already excluded it will be removed from the "do not sort" list.

    I am also looking forward to seeing some of your other planned features, I hope they work out!
  7. Also, can you add a command to disable the auto refill function (similar to the commands for disabling the chest and inventory sorts)?
  8. Will you please check with the player who asked for it and find out why he doesn't like it? Maybe I can adjust it so that he can get the benefits without the problem he's having. That would be better (for everyone, not just him) than just allowing him to turn it off. If I can't fix what he sees as a problem, I'll absolutely put in the command to disable that feature.

    Sounds doable, any thoughts on how to make sure players know about this command without hassling them with too many messages? Double chests may pose a technical problem - I'll have to look into it. Consider this on my "to investigate" list. :) Probably behind the other todo items in priority.
  9. I have had a few members request the refill toggle. When doing builds, they want to be able to put the exact number of blocks they need for a certain section of the build in their hotbar...For example say someone wants to build a wall 200 blocks long and not have to count out each block as they place it, so they put 200 in their hotbar. However, the refill function will automatically refill a stack messing up their count.

    It's not a huge issue, I know, but I see no downside in allowing players to toggle the option. You can just send the player a message the first time the auto-refill is triggered (similar to the first time messages for chest and inventory sorts) and also reference the sub command when a player does /autosort.

    As for the "dontsort" chest option, I was thinking you could tag the message onto the message given the first time a player's chest is sorted. I can't recall the exact message that it displays currently, but it could be something like:

    "Your chest has been automatically sorted. To disable chest sorting, use /autosort chest.
    To prevent a specific chest from being sorted, use /autosort dontsort and click on the chest."

    Then add a similar line informing players when they use /autosort.

    Neither of these are deal-breaking issues, but they would be nice things to have if you get around to it.:)

    Thanks for the work you have put into the plugin!
  10. I will buy this Plugin when anyone can tell how it works with Slimefun. Does it break the Order from other Inv-GUI-Plugins like Slimefun or TownyGUI etc.
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    Tweaked broken tool replacements.

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  12. All strong suggestions. :) Taking notes. Thanks!
  13. Hey everybody, a friend of mine is into marketing and thinks he can do great marketing magic with this plugin. I've asked the site staff to either transfer this plugin to his account, or delete it so that he can upload it instead of me. I have a list of those of you who've purchased it, and I guarantee that in the case of a re-upload, you will still have access to updates. :) My apologies in advance for any confusion, I'm not sure how smooth this process will be.
  14. Isnt this actually a mod?
  15. Craftables updated [★ ☆ Intelligent Inventory [50% OFF] ☆ ★] - From @bigscary creator of Spigot's #1 plugin with a new update entry:

    Awesome new update with more still yet to come

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  16. I've heard there are client mods which try to solve the same set of problems. I don't think any of them can automatically deposit items into a target box if and only if those items match what's already in the box (this is the newest feature, made available today). Also, a plugin benefits all your players without them having to download or install anything, and you could potentially charge for this service using something like BuyCraft to encourage player donations to your server fund.
  17. My players love it. Only thing they don't like is the fact that they can't place chests on top of each other with shift anymore.
    Any way around this?
  18. Typo in main resource page: "alot"
  19. I'll fix it in the next version. Apologies! Workaround for the short term:
    1. Place a temporary block behind and above the chest.
    2. Place your new chest against that new block.
    3. Remove the temporary block.
    Sadly, I cannot directly edit the page. I'll pass the note along.
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  20. Cldfire

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    Wow, this looks really nice. May have to pick this up sometime in the future. Couple of quick thoughts on the inventory templates:

    Make the inventory templates work for creative? This would be really nice for builders, as they could easily save multiple hotbar layouts to keep many different blocks easily accessible. Instead of requiring the items to be in your inventory, it would just give you everything needed for the template (only works while in creative).

    Extending the above idea... have a "building template" option that would keep the item on the very right of your hotbar and the item on the very left of your hotbar "buttons" that would switch to the template below or above the current one on right/left click? So that you could easily switch through saved templates while working on a build, without having to run any commands.

    (Example: I'm on template number 7. I left click with the placeholder item on the right of my hotbar, and I'm switched to template number 8).

    And one last, smaller idea for the templates. If a user has the essentials permission to have unlimited amount of such and such block, make it so that templates recognize that and spawn in said block without it needing to be in your inventory (and without you needing to be in creative). A smaller touch, but would be cool none the less!