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Discussion in 'Resource Discussion' started by Big_Scary, Jun 10, 2015.

  1. Hey! I know there have been a lot of this, im sure, but how do I disable the default permission for every player?
  2. Here :)

    By default, all players have all permissions so they have the full feature set. If you want to use this plugin as a donation incentive to monetize your server, you'll have to take away these permissions from the default player group (use your preferred permissions plugin to do that) so that you can selectively restore them to reward players later. If this doesn't fit well with the permission groups you've already got set up, no worries - you have my permission to crack open the JAR (use WinRAR or similar) and change the plugin.yml file to suit your needs. :)

    automaticinventory.user.* controls all the permissions below as a group, for your permission-setting convenience.

    automaticinventory.sortinventory controls personal inventory sorting.

    automaticinventory.sortchests controls chest sorting.

    automaticinventory.refillstacks controls auto-replacing broken tools and depleted hot bar stacks.

    automaticinventory.quickdeposit controls shift+right-click to quickly deposit matching items into a chest.

    automaticinventory.depositall controls access to the /DepositAll command.
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  3. The title indicates that this is for 1.10 servers, however, does it work with 1.11 also? After making a claim stating that InventoryTweaks tends to lag behind the current version...(it's currently updated for 1.11). I'd rather spend $10 for all these features though than $4 for the other...but only if it's compatible with 1.11
  4. It works but doesn't sort shulker boxes.
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  5. Why do you not use (or test) my free, updated version?
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  6. I actually did, shortly after my post. Sorry to bother you. It worked. I did find a conflict with Shop Chests though. lol Since it activates an "opening" of chests around the player, it forced me to "buy" items from every single chest I was near. LOL I didn't think about that when I put the shops that close to my storage.
  7. I;m trying to figure this out, it won't work when I do /da (It tells me 0 items deposited) but it will work if i shift left click the chests individually, any ideas? Running 1.11, no errors. Using GriefPrevention which I assume is compatible, user has the correct permissions
  8. This plugin is no longer in development you'll have to find people who are now updating it.
    Is a decent one, but no deposit all feature, but is being maintained by someone else possibly you could ask them to implement it.
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  9. Depends if a plugin is blocking the interact event it fires to determine if a player has access to the chest it's attempting to deposit to.

    The drawbacks of "faking an interaction" are that anticheat plugins may block it as well.
  10. Can anyone verify if this is working on the new 1.12 server? I am interested in buying, but nervous that the developer may now be inactive....
  11. It should work (I'm still using the last version uploaded here), but yes the developer is inactive. I know someone forked it but idk if they linked it here or not. I don't think much has changed regarding inventory over 1.10 other than the shulker boxes so it should be fine.
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  12. As @RoboMWM said, it's working fine in 1.12. I updated my server to 1.12 the other day, and the plugin continued operating without a hitch.
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  13. Thats true, there is just one bug: Broken tools that are not being replaced. And of course you cant autosort Shulker boxes because Big_Scary quit spigiot before he could take a lock at version 1.11.
  14. Would love if this got updated.
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  15. work fine for me
  16. ssamjh


    The author has left minecraft entirely, it will never be updated
  17. The source is available, so yes it can be updated. But likely not by the original author.
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  18. Where can i get the source?
  19. If you are going to quit updating, I would appreciate the courtesy of making it free.
    I hope you can understand that I do not want to pay for a product and service that no longer receives updates and support.