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  1. Thank you very much! I really like your plugin and really want it to continue to develop and improve! :)
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  2. GDL


    Hi! I don't know where to write you for private, since the "Get Support" section I can't access due to lack of permissions according to spigot.
    I wanted to know if you could give me a hand with the skills
    Sorry for any errors in the text, I am using a translator.

    I would like you to help me create at least 2 skills, so I can understand a little more about the subject and I will create the rest with a little more ease.
    As I said before, I use a translator, that means I don't understand the wiki 100%.
  3. I sent you a PM in spanish.
  4. Hi, I can help you, PM me.
  5. Hi is this plugin not gonna get updated ever again?
  6. Hi, I'm working a big update!
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  7. Okay then I will buy it. Do you have a discord server or anything?
  8. You can PM me here.
  9. # Create custom ability events here!
    # Add here main events you will want to use.
    # Set the event name.
    event: DamageBySelfEvent
    # Add conditions here.
    - 'LEVEL=ALL:HEARTS=5.0'
    - 'LEVEL=1:CHANCE=7'
    - 'LEVEL=2:CHANCE=14'
    - 'LEVEL=3:CHANCE=21'
    - 'LEVEL=4:CHANCE=28'
    - 'LEVEL=5:CHANCE=35'
    - 'LEVEL=6:CHANCE=42'
    - 'LEVEL=7:CHANCE=49'
    - 'LEVEL=8:CHANCE=56'

    How do I add netherite_sword?
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  11. 你好,我的版本是1.15.2,但是里面没有配置配置文件。我想把语言改成中文。我怎样才能改变它呢?
  12. Hi,

    settings.yml -> set "zh" value in "locale" (default: "locale: en"):
    Code (Text):
    locale: zh
  13. Thank you very much and look forward to your follow-up updates
  14. If you have more than 8 levels for abilities, how to do so they show up in the menu so you can buy them?
  15. Hello, the box can't be moved in the backpack. Where should I delete it? I just want to follow the instructions
  16. You'll need to get into the config and turn the backpack toolbar option off

    Hey Anybody!

    some questions; Is it possible to have advanced abilities give a player a permission when they buy a level of something, so that I can use AA to unlock abilities and powers from other plugins (for example fullcloak, which has permissions that allow a player to turn invisible while crouched for longer and longer times)

    And Q2: Is there a way for players to abandon their class and pick a new class? It would be amazing if there were a way to take back/undo any permissions purchased or abilities unlocked and let a player level up into a different class
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  17. Hi, how are you?
    Try this addon:
  18. Using LOGO menu type instead DEFAULT.

    PS: in the next version abilities menu works different, menu per each ability and depending on the skill level (amount of menus),
  19. Nothing happens when I change the menu type to logo. :unsure: