Spigot ★ CutePet ★ 1.40

Have a Nice Friend that follows you and attacks other mobs/people

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    ★ CutePet ★ - Have a Nice Friend that follows you and attacks other mobs/people

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  2. ;)
  3. Question, in defence of the one 4-star review @Blizzor gave you. How can you diss the man for giving you 4 out of 5 stars?
    Anything less than 100% is a bad review to you?

    Those are some fantastically dramatic expectations.

    Don't get me wrong. I do believe you have done good work here - but let's do the math .. anything ABOVE 2.5 stars is a positive review. That is just statistical data - that is how the model works. Just as anything below 2.5 stars is a negative review.

    I am sorry, but the guy gave you a great review with 4 out of 5 stars. That means he absolutely loves it - he just feels there is room for improvement. Take a step back and look at this: 4 out of 5 is 80% - When is 80% NOT GOOD, or a negative review?!

    So - in all humbleness, and with respect - when someone gives a 5 star review they are lying. They are saying that the product has NO room for improvements. A 5 star says that there simply is - no way - to make the product better. I mean, after all - there is no 6 star possibility.

    I am all for support of the products we like, but it is a bad, bad practise where people are expected to give 100%, or nothing at all. It really makes the "top listings" fake, and downright wrong.

    So it was disrespectful of you to talk down to him for giving you a 4 star review, and it was borderline cheating to ask him to contact you privately - before being honest.

    Just my 5 cents.
  4. It's because he didn't contact me first of getting an improvement. And I am adding new features soon... If you read me forums..
  5. I do - and again, I meant no disrespect. I know you are doing good work, I just felt he got a raw deal from giving the review he gave. It was a good review, but it wasn't seen as that - it was labeled "negative review", which a 4 out of 5 is not.
  6. I meant 3 out of 5 is bad. I would of change it but is a lot of writing
  7. It's alright. I just had a point to make, and I hope I made it. No need for a long discussion.
    Technically - you have to be BELOW 2.5 stars to be a bad review. Anything above 2.5 is good

    Average of 5 is 2.5 - this is simple math
    Agove average is 2.5 - so a 3 is above average. A plus - a positive - A cheer in your direction.

    Still, on a completely different note. I tried your plugin today, and it's fun and all. But it didn't take too long for my players to figure out that if they just relog five times, they have 5 dogs. :/
  8. They can have an army of them ;)
  9. Ah ok - that is cool and all, but not for my server then. I try to balance the players, and if they have wolf armies, they are going to have an edge over everyone else.

    Thank you, though
  10. what about lag ?
  11. What about other mobs? Like.. Slimes in various sizes (and nearly all other mobs). Would be nice to the some more pets :).
  12. Could you add an option as to which worlds this can be used on?
  13. hi!
    plz add more lang!