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  1. Technically, yes, I can, but if you want to add them on your own, you can do it with the Additions API for free if you know Java. If you want to see an idea added, you can join the Discord server (the link is in the plugin page) and let us know in the #custom-item-ideas channel.
  2. And if I dont know java?
  3. I have a problem with some items, i can't craft wooden tools, double axes only break Birch logs. And a question, hammer textures are already on resource pack or not yet?. I tried to download the rp from config files but i see hammers as pickaxes.
  4. if I pay,apart of the price of the plugin... Can you add that things?
    custom heads
    custom shields
    new food

  5. Then you have to only use the items already in Vanilla Additions. There is currently no way to add your own items without Java.
    Please try deleting the resource-pack folder in the Additions API and make sure that you have the latest version of the API and Vanilla Additions. All textures should be working correctly. If not, let me know and we'll try and solve it.
    While most of these are possible, I will not be adding them currently to Vanilla Additions. Things like food take a lot of time and won't work reliably, since you can't stack custom items. NewItems actually told you to take out one item and eat them one by one as far as I can remember. Custom Heads and Custom Shields though are very much possible, and if you have any ideas in particular, you can let us know in the Discord server's #custom-item-ideas channel. I don't know exactly what you mean with Crossbow, but if you mean just a better bow then that's also possible.
  6. Ok friend I will do
    Thanks a lot and greetings :D
  7. I bought your plugin, and I have Additions API but where I can found the textures??
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  9. The diamond double axe is not chopping down oak trees in 1.13, it will take down dark oak and spruce of any size. If this is a config option, an you please elaborate, I am unable to locate anything in the configs regarding which blocks the axe and hammers can break.
  10. I've fixed it already in the latest update! Sorry for the inconvenience. Make sure you are running version 1.3.2
  11. Last question, how do we adjust the amount of durability is used when chopping down trees. It seems that it's using quite a bit more than the vanilla axe would use for the same number of blocks. 200-300 blocks for a giant spruce or a few normal trees.
  12. It seems I might have accidentally made leaves reduce the durability of the double axes in the latest release. I'll by reworking aspects of the double axe in the next update.
  13. like the review let test the server if its good im ur next client
  14. but does it have the special obsidian sword thats the question :)
  15. please put ur server offline mode :(
  16. Found a bug, if you break a log on a tree and immediately switch your held item to something without durability or no item at all, the double axe takes minimal or no durability damage and the entire tree still falls. You should make the block breaking only happen as long as the held item is the item that broke the block.

    I took down a huge tall spruce and only lost 4 durability on my double axe this way.
  17. I'm finding that enchants like Fortune III are not working on the hammers. When I break coal ore, I get one coal per block instead of 2 or more like with a pickaxe.
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  18. I doubt that is the case. The item that you used to break the original block is also used to break the rest of the blocks. Please test it a bit more and if you see that the issue persists, I'll look into it.

    EDIT: Just saw your comment above. I'll look into that as well for next release.
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