Spigot ★SkullLoot★ 1.4

Create skulls with a cooldown and place them till you get a drop !

  1. RestrictedPower submitted a new resource:

    ★SkullLoot★ - Create skulls with a cooldown until you get a drop !

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  2. I had an error with my resource category and it was removed for a while but now it's back :)
  3. I believe that the resource doesn't work with the new items added on 1.9/10 I will update it soon.
  4. Can you add an option so you can only use them in specific regions(world guuard)? And have the option for it to broadcast when one is placed. I would like to use it as a eual compliant perk :p
  5. Please please please please please please please add a way to change the lore instead of it being the name of the SkullLoot Thx!
  6. Sure bro I will begin now and it will be updated in about 1-2 hours :)
  7. Thank you for adding the lore thing but is there a way to add a second line?
  8. I'm currently updating the plugin for 1.9 /1.10version. I will add this feature in the next update.
  9. Now you can create as many lines as you want.Just use ¬ to change line. Here is an example for you: /sl setlore test &cLine1¬&aLine2¬&4Line3 etc...
  10. How to trigger a command?