Spigot ☆ ★ Population Density ★ ☆ 5.13

Intelligently places new players in the world. Contains login queue and lag reduction.

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    ☆ ★ Population Density ★ ☆ - Intelligently places new players in the world. Also login queue and lag reduction.

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  2. Good start, but needs changes.

    I know you want to advertise your server, but if you reallllllly feel that you must do that, at least hide that section in a spoiler. I also would stick to the format on the bukkitdev page - the overview section is oddly split up with the video in between, and "The quick" header is unnecessary fluff. Please copy from the bukkitdev site - you still have some old links from the spigot page. Assume the spigot page doesn't exist and it'll be easier, lol.

    Download needs to link to the file release, not a direct download. This ensures people see the changelog when downloading a new update. E.g. the current download should link to this https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/population-density/files/2621741 Also, set the version number to 5.11.1

    Maybe add a link at the top linking to the "official bukkitdev page" just in case your fate is similar to Craftables. Also, I'd remove Craftables as a contributor, as he contributed no code and apparently did scammy stuff (changing paypal email to his, etc.) with other plugins he maintained plugin pages for.

    Also, the plugin is currently only 1.13 compatible and built on the 1.13 API. Older versions are available as linked on bukkitdev's page for those with older server versions.
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    The Metrics Update

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  4. Overview page is still using the old spigot page format but it's not a big deal, but you do need to update the link at the bottom, should be a single link as it is on the bukkitdev site. Also, update titles should just have the version number as the title. 5.11.1 isn't "The Metrics update," it's the release of version 5.11.1 lol
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  5. Cool, looks good, thanks!

    Just one more change needed though, heh. The config and commands documentation link should point to https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/population-density/pages/ in case the primary page name changes in the future, so it always goes to the "front page" of the documentation.
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  6. @Spooner I released 5.11.2 a few days ago
  7. Posting it now, I hshould have gotten an email when you posted it....
  8. @Spooner remember that updates need to link to the release page, not the direct jar.
  9. SpacePuppeh


    The limiting of hoppers does not work in the nether. I don't know if that's intended or not but it could open the door to some hopper abuse. Please consider adding support for the nether, with everything else, too. Also the end might need support as well. Thinning, hopper limits, etc.
  10. SpacePuppeh


    Another feature request: when dark oak trees drop saplings, wait until there are four, and then group them together on flat grass, instead of individual spawns like for other trees.

    Willing to pay a few dollars for this addition, @RoboMWM, if needed.

    Edit: I think the above posts has been fixed, not sure.
  11. populationdensity only functions in one world iirc. Considering how this variable is used everywhere it'd be a pain to refactor it to add "multiworld" support for these non-region post-related features.
  12. SpacePuppeh


    Is it possible that this plugin could "thin" a dolphin that has a tag on it? If so, a player is complaining, so just leaving this here.
  13. as far as I am aware, thinning does not affect nametagged mobs. I have not had that issue.

    @RoboMWM any input?
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  14. Hey,

    I removed the plugin but now new players are being sent to the last 'open' area
    How can i fix this?
  15. If you removed the plugin how are we supposed to fix this...?
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