Spigot ♛ MoreVault ♛ [1.8.8 - 1.12.X ✔] 0.1.2

Next Generation Of Player Vault

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  1. You also released a nice plugin.

    Does this plug-in support MYSQL DB and custom name, LORE?

    Do you also support custom heads (food, devices, etc.)?
  2. it still doesn't support MYSQL , it just using SQlite rightnow ,
    it support all custom item , name lore potion book nbt
  3. If you have a chance, I will remove old VPACK and put it in.

    Thank you.
  4. You can put in order to change the command to open the vault

    Sorry for my english
  5. i don't understand what do you mean , you can open vault by /mva vault
  6. Could you put in order to change this command?
  7. what should i change it to be ?
  8. Put so we can put the command that we choose
    Ex: /bau
  9. @Onenrico
    how do we cancel name changing? typing exit or cancel isn't working D:
    and is there gonna be an option to change the prefix soon?
  10. I think i forget to add cancel name changing xD
    Maybe all of my plugin only can change prefix in premium version [this is still a lite version]
  11. ahh okay
  12. forget to tell you , the cancel function was added on that update too :D
  13. ooo thanks :)
  14. maybe add a ban list for items?
  15. omg , that's pretty critical bug ,thank's for your report