Spigot ♦♢ GemCrush ♢♦ [for GameBox] 3.0.0

Inventory game based on Candy Crush

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    GemCrush - Inventory game based on Candy Crush

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  2. Cool game
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  3. Thanks alot! I ll fix that asap

    Edit: Fixed :)
    #4 Nikl, Oct 7, 2016
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  4. Nikl updated GemCrush with a new update entry:

    Quick fix + some more options in the config + new / faster / more fancy way to fill the inventory

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  5. little idea of improvement
    Would add an average of Recompence if the player has to pay his part of Gemcrush
  6. You meen to pay for the game? That is already possible. Set econ enabled in the config to true and set a price.
  7. Nikl updated GemCrush with a new update entry:

    Out of Beta :)

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  8. Hi just a quick question here I install your plug-in my local server than a year old and I did part June What I arive at the limit of displacement Nothing Happens I do not met the goal or not redemare With Games a different dificulter
  9. You did all the moves? Then you should have received a message like: "You finished the game with 'whatever' points"
    Afterwards you can just see the leftover items but you cant switch anymore. You can just close the inventory at that point.
  10. Nikl updated GemCrush with a new update entry:

    New options + less flickering + reload-stats bug fixed

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  11. Great Plugin!!! :D
    :) Pls rate!
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  12. beautiful setting has little day to me is so well Serrai Who is a Exceed What Each alleviate the sorry not receive the messages writing I use google translator not
  13. I a problem I turn the control to pay part is nothing countdown? me my money and I get no recompense than a year old I spend levels
  14. Realy sorry, but I don't understand what you are trying to tell me. Could you write me a pm and try without google translator?
  15. esque vous parler un peux le fr
  16. I a problem I turn the economy function I was a year old I begin a game I receive not of Reward
  17. sorry oblige with a translator I is not speak English

    enabled: true
    cost: 150

    pay: true
    sendMessages: true
    sendBroadcasts: true
    dispatchCommands: true

    money: 0
    - ' &2you can do better than that...'
    - ' &4reessayer &1;)'

    no reward finish game problem
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  18. Ok, maybe i got it now:

    Economy is on, but you don't get rewards after the game?

    A few things to check:
    1. Does paying work? Otherwise maybe the set up of economy didn't work.
    2. Did you set up the 'onGameEnd' section? Is paying enabled in the section?
    3. Did you score in a point interval that actually has a reward set?

    And please edit your previous messages instead of double/tripple posting ;)
  19. reward sistem not working