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Discussion in 'Resource Discussion' started by ayhamalali, Apr 21, 2017.

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  1. ayhamalali updated Advanced Player Info - [GUI] [UNIQUE FEATURES] [FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE] [VARIABLES] with a new update entry:

    Quick Fixes v1.1

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  2. Coming soon..
    - Support for variables in all gui items
    - Add more variables.. a lot of them
    - Add show informations in chat
    - Thinking of more ideas ...
    + Please if you have any idea feel free to comment here, and i will start work on it

    Have a nice day.
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  3. A big update will be uploaded today, a lot of features added. Be ready :)
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  4. Sorry I didn't update the plugin for while, Because I have final exams right now. I will publish new updates soon.
    Have a nice day all :)
  5. Just finished v1.2.1, that contains fixes, requirements changes and more.. will be testing the new update and tomorrow i will upload it :).
    Have fun people.
  6. ayhamalali updated ♦ Advanced Player Info ♦ - [GUI] [UNIQUE FEATURES] [FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE] [1.8 - 1.11] ♠ %70 Sale ♠ with a new update entry:

    [v1.2.1] Requirements Change, Fixes, Features Removed

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  7. So if a girl does it its fine ?
    • You can't re-upload/upload this resource on any site
    • You can't sell this resource or give it to anyone for free or for money
    • You can't edit the plugin and upload it as yours
    • You don't have any permission to do anything with the plugin except to use it on your server/network
    • You can only use it on 1 or 2 servers you own
    • If anyone tried to break the terms i will remove him from the buyers and report him to spigot staff

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------Look up--------------------------------------------------------------

    might want to edit that
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  8. Well, it's a funny post but i really appreciate it, Thank you <3.
  9. it was kinda supposed to help you tbh cause you bascially saying boys cant girls can xD
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  10. I corrected it and the credits is yours, tbh any girl would do what you said if you didn't notice me :D Thank you again.
  11. Hello ma friends,

    I'm working on a major update that you will like :)
    It contains a lot of stuff, some of them are: Changing the GUI style, adding more data, make it easier to use :)

    #Stay_Tuned ;)
  12. Hello everybody, I got some good news.. I'm planning to recode the whole plugin to make it more customizable and easier to use, but for the current time I will upload a new update that has some great new stuff and some fixes.
    * The new update is currently being tested so hopefully it will be ready in a couple days maybe less.

    Please support me by leaving a 5 star review, this also will motivate me to keep going on this project and make it better and better ♥
  13. ayhamalali updated ♦ Advanced Player Info ♦ - [GUI] [UNIQUE FEATURES] [1.8»1.11] » %40 Sale ENDS MONDAY! « with a new update entry:

    Major Update » New Features (+12) & Bug fixes (+3) - [V1.3]

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  14. Are there links to each dependency? I cant seem to find them all :/
  15. They all can be found at
    But you are not in the buyers list! so, why do you need to get the addons without the plugin lel!
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  16. Im planning on buying it when i get home today. I was scrolling through on lunch break and i opened yours and wanted to get the other dependencies in my phone browser tabs so that way its easier to get to.
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  17. No problem, I hope you like it.
    All dependencies can be found at, and if you couldn't find any feel free to contact me :)