Spigot ♦ Tools Options ♦ [/rename, /lore, /shine, /enchant, /emoji] [1.8 - 1.12+] 1.1

Useful commands for your items, /rename, /lore, /shine, /enchant, /emoji *Fully Customized

  1. Hello everyone, How are you? Hope you all fine.
    While I'm studying hard and I'm 17 right now and i still can't stop checking my resources and make more skripts everyday, I want to know if there is anyone would like to suggest anything that he want it to be added in "Tools Options" i will be thankful and will try as much as i can to make it for you/everyone :)
    Also I'm working on making some updates to my resources and working on a lot of new skripts. Just wait for it :)
    Thank you for using/downloading my skripts :D
  2. ayhamalali updated Tools Options [Custom] [/rename, /lore, /shine, ...] with a new update entry:

    Major Update » Added lots of new features » v1.1

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  3. Seems pretty nice..
    can you add a option soon for us to blacklist certain words inside of lores/names?
  4. Thank you for your comment.
    This feature is already added, check the last update
  5. hey man i improved a bit from your plugin the messages and other things i will give credits to you can i reupload this at spigot?
  6. Sorry you can't. Because I'm still working on it.
    But thank you for asking.