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  1. Hello, how is CombatPlus incompatible with MMOItems as of right now? I do not know how exactly MMOItems work so i'd need more information on it.
  2. Can you add the feature anti player out when fighting? [Lost some item or everythings in inventory (have item wearing)]
  3. cooldowns for enchanted golden apples and apples are broken
    - it always says there is a cooldown

    Item frame removal now puts players in combat
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  4. u can see all of the properties in the config.yml, give it a try it's up to u to decide which one to choose. OldCombatMechanics is mostly aimed at bringing back 1.8 combat, CombatPlus is aimed at being able to provide a full combat system with some 1.8 options and enhance PvP
  5. Cool, I am going to try out your plugin for sure, however I do just require a simple way to completely nerf the axes. Any suggestions on how to achieve this?
  6. Well u can change the tool damages with CP so you do you;p
  7. Thank you, one more question. If I do enable this functionality with your plugin, would it be compatible with 1.8CombatMechanics if I disable the other functionality?
  8. Give it a try
  9. Would I be able to incrementally up the base health of individual players through upgrades (give them permissions or something) with this plugin?