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  1. Nope

    Only everybody's max health
  2. Hi, My server is PaperMC 1.16.4, using Combat plus 1.6.1. The 1.8PvP or attack speed cooldown is not working. I've tried to switch to true and false, restarting the server, still not working. Help
  3. Try to update paper, and make sure the plugin is enabled
  4. I've tried switching to the latest versions of Spigot and PaperMC, reloading the plugin multiple attempts, still not working.
  5. Is the plugin enabled? any errors?
  6. The plugin is already enabled, no errors printed in the console. When I reload the plugin, for the first attack (first left click with sword), there is no cooldown and the oldPvp is working, after that it no longer works
  7. That's really weird, i dont think i've received a similar report this whole time. make sure no other plugin is conflicting
  8. I also tried to remove all plugins and only combat plus is running and enabled. My java version is 15. Not also working on Spigot and PaperMc 1.16.3, 1.16.4, and 1.16.5.
  9. Strange, i havent tested it on java 15. i might take a look tommorow if i have time. and make an update if i reproduce this issue
  10. ok thanks mn, I tried using Java 8 and Java 11, still not working, I think the problem is the plugin itself

    Edit: I did the same process in the OldCombatMechanics plugin today, the plugin isn't the problem, this is my first time to encounter this kind of problem, really strange
  11. I'll let u know
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  12. Just tested on latest tunity 1.16.5 with no issues, i'm really not sure what's causing that.

    Are u sure u still have a weapon cooldown? the indicator will still show for a short time. but there will be no actual cooldown with combat plus.
  13. Yupp, the weapon cooldown appears and all weapons and tools attack speed resets.
  14. Can you add potion system please? In 1.16, it's like we're just shooting potions as a bullet. I like the old style.
  15. @NikV2 Is it wise to use this plugin on a 1.16.5 Practice Server? I'm basically updating to 1.16.5 because of lag.