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Test dummy to show your damage and holographic display points to taget block

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    [ BattleTraining ] - Wiht TestDummy - Test dummy to show your damage and holographic display points to taget block

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  2. Awesomeeeeee!!!!!
    Please add time (1m/2m/3m...) training chose for show your stats(CPS, total damage touching) ended short time, auto update stats touching?
    +End time chose will reset the stats before
    +Just player chose can touch
    +Show top 10 player stats
    Can you do it? It will become the best plugin Training ever!
    Thanks for read!
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  3. Hmmm :unsure: . Thanks for suggestion. I will think about that
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  4. Heeyyy some of your asked features has been added
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  5. How a great plugin!I can use this to train with my friends lol:LOL:
    May I repost it to other Minecraft forum?I just want more people to know this plugin!
    I promise I will only do some introduce for this plugin and link them to the SpigotMC page for download:)
  6. Awesome :Đ. Thanks you!
  7. I accept the conditions. If you do send me the link in PM or discord ;):giggle::giggle:
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  8. No problem, thanks for the ideas :giggle::giggle::giggle:
  9. Thank you very much.Of course I will!
  10. It is a bug?I am running it on 1.16.2.When I use the command
    /attribute Light_ minecraft:generic.attack_damage base set 10000000
    Sometime I attack it and drop the rotten flesh or armor that I give it! Is it a zombie?:ROFLMAO:
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  11. Uhhh, thanks for report this.
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  12. Humm,may I repost the video to other website?The repost video can't earn any profit:)
    It is because this forum is from China,they can't watch the youtube video in China:(
    I just want to use the video for introduce:giggle:
  13. No problem
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  14. A feature request:
    Test dummy can auto-move up and down, left and right to avoid attack;)
    Support 1.12
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  15. Would be amazing if it supported 1.8.8
  16. what item does the target frame have to be in config
  17. Can you add 1.8.9 please?
  18. Im working to compatibilityto versions unbder 1.13 right now ;D