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  2. If I will pay once 20 USD, that will means I won't need to pay again for another update?
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  3. Just a head's up - i'm hammering out another hotfix but there may be an issue with your default classes.

    There MUST be a default profession listed so add the below to a class and it will load Heroes Premium.
    "default-prof: true"
  4. Premium Skill Packs
    #1 - Hotel
    #2 - Echo
    #3 - Romeo
    #4 - Oscar
    #5 - Charlie
    #6 - Romano
    #7 - Alpha
    #8 - Foxtrot
    #9 - Tango​
  5. Are the skills packs included or they must be purchased separately?:D
  6. how does one get this premium skill packs?
  7. He copied a lot of the page information from the old heroes page. I'm assuming it will be updated as time goes on to more accurately reflect the new version.
  8. These are coming up - they are being verified by Spigot's team. They will be between $2-5 (may go on sale!) and probably 5 packs at the beginning

    Base Heroes Premium comes with 70+ skills and i'll try to get that number to 100 so the plugin has a good feel. It'll take me some time.

    Please note: Heroes Premium is one of 7 of my projects that I manage and develop for. It is a priority just not number 1.
    These will be separate purchases, you get 3-4 skill packs for free in the base plugin. I'm working on increasing that number, however.
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  9. i see thanks, i dont use heroes anymore i stopped last year but i decided to purchase to support you for your amazing work you've done C:
  10. We appreciate that! You should try it out again at some point :)
    My ultimate focus is to appeal to minigame servers to have Heroes as a backbone for their game types.
  11. yeah i might, if the ils dev ever adds support for heroes again.
  12. This is something I highly want and have even offered to pay him for implementation support, he has yet to be willing.
  13. I'm going to work on releasing the skill packs after all the initial system issues are worked out with the release.

    Some setups may not function because we've not tested on things like Windows, etc.
  14. do you know what exactly is not compatible right now? its been a while since i last had heroes and ILS both in the server, and back then the only issue i remember was the health attribute.
  15. I havent tested it in a year+, so hard to say.

    If it doesnt respect our systems, health may not function or atk dmg on weps.
  16. Is it possible to have a more thorough setup guide posted? I have been working for hours trying to get my permissions setup so my players can access things appropriately. I am constantly getting the error "an internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command." I can get maybe half of the commands working but I still have to manually add everyone to their classes. No one can use /hero. Several other problems. The video on the main page is somewhat helpful but isn't step-by-step as someone noobish like myself would need. I appreciate any help you can give.
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