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  1. I do agree, although the author hasn't been online in 4 weeks, that's a long time to be away when you have a premium plugin that requires support.
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  2. yea although xmas is a funny time :) see what occurs in the new year

    happy new year by the way
  3. Hi, I have trouble using the API of this plugin, the following code return null settings.

    (the code is inside a passive skill)

    Code (Text):
        public void apply(Hero hero){
            Bukkit.broadcastMessage("APPLY !");
            if(hero.getSkillSettings(this) != null) return;
            // Default settings
            hero.setSkillSetting(this, "exp", 0);
            hero.setSkillSetting(this, "level", 1);

  4. See discord, a 1.15 version is in the works.

    Firstly here's a better way, using a example class:
    Code (Java):
    public class SkillMyPassive extends PassiveSkill {
        public SkillMyPassive(Heroes plugin){
            this.setDescription("some desc");
            //set effect types and types here if you have any for this skill
            //register listener if you have one here

        public ConfigurationSection getDefaultConfig() {
            final ConfigurationSection node = super.getDefaultConfig();
            node.set("exp", 0);
           node.set("level", 1);
           return node;
        //…. all your other code...
    Also note that all skills are by default level 1, so you don't need to set it. Curious what you are planning to use "exp" for though, I think its usually intended for awarding exp (if any) on a cast ActiveSkill, however shouldn't cause issues for something custom in a passive skill.

    Were you intending this skill for a race class? I think the skill settings being null is a bug. Edit: P.S. the "apply" method is intended to apply some sort of effect to the hero from them having the passive skill, e.g. you could have something set that effects the way a active skill acts (that relies on the passive e.g. X uses of the active skill with a overall cooldown) or less damage from falling etc.
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  5. Kainzo updated ⚔ Heroes Premium ⚔ with a new update entry:

    1.9.3 - 1.15 Beta

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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  6. 2020. It still doesn't know many languages
  7. fabulous work mr kainzo :D
  8. This requires a large rewrite of our entire code base. Something I dont have the time to do nor does any of our developers.
    Maybe in Heroes 2.0.
  9. I would like to know how to disable the automatic shield and be able to take postions with the players

    potions made in mythics mobs..
  10. I have an issue, Shields and Crossbows are not effected by heroes at all. I have the latest premium version, and yet, without it being specified anywhere in the class.yml Crossbows and Shields can be wielded by anyone. This really breaks the balancing of my classes, and makes me warrior class pretty obsolete.
  11. I'm curious about this plugin.... But I've also recently gotten burned by one I purchased, the developer quit supporting it right after I bought it.

    How much longer would you say this plugin's life-cycle is? Also can't help but notice the premium packs with extra skills and stuff are locked to 1.13. Will those be updated eventually?
  12. Hey @Kainzo, having an issue where on a fresh install of Heroes for my 1.15.1 server, I cannot take any damage from any sources. I can do damage to mobs, but nothing will cause my health to drop. When I take heroes out of the server, it fixes the issue but I've searched through all of the configs and can't find anything that will fix it. And this is with all of the default configs and everything.
  13. I am interested in buying.
    Question: Is it compatible with the "towny advanced" and "jobs" plugin?
  14. I have the same problem on my server.
  15. The packs are 1.13+ however some of them wont function until an update for 1.15. It will take some time.
  16. i bought this plugin, it seems to go well with everything and also with towny, it looks very nice, but nothing can be translated. how can I use it in Italy?
  17. For some reason everytime the POTIONSKILLS is used it says in chat for the player
    DEBUG: POTIONSKILLS: on tick reapplied (skillname)