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Discussion in 'Resource Discussion' started by Kainzo, Jun 13, 2016.

  1. /hero skill version <skill> (or /hero admin skill version <skill>)
  2. @MysticMight care to gander into this?
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  3. BetonQuest does: BetonQuest Heroes Compatibility

    Though a fair disclaimer: I'm one of the BetonQuest developers and I don't really know about whether other Quest Plugins do also support Heroes.
    The Quests plugin probably does and if not you can do it via a Denizen script.

    @ Heroes maintainers: You can list BetonQuest in your list of third-party plugins with Heroes support if you want.
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  4. Is it possible for players to join one class like rougue but able to join multiple or all profession like mining fishing etc.

    I was also having a problem where I was dying twice lol. It showed two healths on the scoreboard
  5. This is a feature we will be removing or defaulting to off.
  6. Will do and thank you!
  7. Hi, I had notice that exp is glitched thanks to the plugin as if player just use lvl for anvil or enchant and then get more exp it will go back to exp he had before he use exp for anvil.
    Example: Player has lvl4 he looses 2lvl on anvil then he just do something to get a bit lvl and it jumps back to LVL 4 straight away.

    Is that how it should be???
  8. Yes that is how its supposed to be
  9. But that means if you level 30 or so you can enchant or repair without any limits. I don't think that's a good move.
  10. does heroes plugin work on 1.17 servers? mine doesn't and keeps saying "an internal error occurred while attempting to preform this command"
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  11. It will not work for 1.17 for the moment.
    We heavily use NMS and reflection and require updates.
    We are working on redoing the enchantment system.
  12. Also is it possible to translate things, as when looked you can't translate a lot?
  13. PAPI doesn't work for me. Gives out this [PlaceholderAPI] heroes is attempting to register placeholders via a PlaceholderHook class which is no longer supported!
  14. Is there a tutorial on setting up dependencies for custom skill development or can we get one? New to working with maven and can't seem to figure it out.

    edit: was able to compile my custom skill using the spigot 1.16.5 jar and heroes 1.9.8 RC2 imported then added to build path, but my skill won't load on my server, says that it is outdated. Is this because I set up dependencies wrong or is there something else I missed?
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  15. Hi,
    1.) is there any demo available or free version to test things out?
    2.) does it work flawless on a bungeecord network (synchronising classes, xp etc. without bugs)?
  16. Figured it out, might make a video so noobs like me have a clear setup guide. My problem was using the wrong java version for compile.
  17. does heroes plugin work on 1.17+ servers?