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  1. Hi I have a problem with PlaceholderAPI it said that no longer supported . ^^
    [PlaceholderAPI] heroes is attempting to register placeholders via a PlaceholderHook class which is no longer supported!
  2. Papi Expansion Jar
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  3. Great plugin! But question. How to increase attack-speed when level up? Namely,attack-speed-per-level.
  4. Amazing plugin! Just excellent! But I am experiencing one problem. Attribute attack-damage-per-strength is not working, while everything else works perfectly. I created a local server and uploaded Heroes; it worked and the attribute worked as well. Also, mobs had a lot of HP, for example, 240 HP for zombie and 110 for chicken. Then, I moved all the plugins from my regular server to this local (without folders, only jar files) and the attack attribute stopped working, mobs got their usual HP like 10, 20 and so. I thought the plugin is in another interferring plugin and started deleting plugins by one from the folder but it didn't worked. I deleted all plugins in folder except Heroes and plugins like Vault and Protocol Lib. Didn't work. Then I deleted the world folder, the server created another one and it worked eventually. Then I added some plugins and the attribute stopped working properly. What's the problem? Is that a world-related thing? Or do other plugins mess everything up? Anyway, thank you so much for the plugin, it rolls :)
  5. Hello, please explain how to make, that player can choose race from citizen?
  6. Hi I have a question?
    How to use placeholder for shield.
  7. +1

    Idk how but have no cooldown (high attackspeed) but can't fix it because it's /attribute minecraft command, but heroes have their own /attributes so Minecraft command don't work...
  8. Kainzo updated ⚔ Heroes Premium ⚔ 10% OFF BEST RPG PLUGIN EVER with a new update entry:

    Initial 1.17.X update! ALPHA VERSION, PLEASE TEST FIRST!

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  9. Skills are now re-purchasable!
  10. 1.18+ update incoming!

    Main Changes

    • Before, the AABB_v1_XX_X_RX was essentially a wrapper for NMS's AxisAlignedBB. Spigot's API contains a 'BoundingBox' which is basically an AABB. The AxisAlignedBoundingBox instead of wrapping NMS, just uses a BoundingBox as a class field now.

    • The AxisAlignedBoundingBox class wraps the BoundingBox and maintains the previous functionality of previous Physics versions

    • In this NMSPhysics, The FluidCollisionOption from NMS was replaced with Spigot's own FluidCollisionMode

    • A MovingObjectPosition from NMS was used for a lot of these methods. The MOP was basically NMS's rayCasting result and had two subclasses, basically specifying either if a Block or an Entity was hit, and of course the location of what was hit. During the rewrite this was replaced with Spigot's RayTraceResult, since it was a direct substitute.

    • Almost all of the rayCasting methods were replaced with rayTracing calcs provided by Spigot. Performing rayTrace on blocks considers their exact collision meshes. This also meant that raytrace for fluids did not need to be considered separately.

    • Default fluid collision was changed to ALWAYS

    • Default ignoreNonCollidable is set to TRUE, AKA allowing players to more consistently target through non-collidable blocks such as grass or flowers.

    • Versions 1.14.4 and later will use the new Physics rewrite

    • Versions 1.17 and later will use the same Version Handler. There are notes in the class files detailing how to update for future versions

    • Raycasting now by default uses point priority. Meaning it will prioritise the target at the player's cursor first, before tracing a capsule around said raytrace. This has resulted in exponentially more accurate targeting and a way better player experience.

    • Most raytraces have been reduced in complexity hence aiding in reducing server lag and latency.

    • Added 1.18 and 1.18.1 support

    • Reverted to Java 11 for backwards compatibility. This still works with the latest versions of Minecraft

    • Hidden custom durability currently does not work properly, it tends to duplicate the hidden lore and doesn't read it properly for some reason. Hence it has been disabled, custom durability will always show now
    • For methods using a HoverEvent to show an item in chat, this will no longer show an item. This is because this uses NMS to get an ItemStack as an NBT compound. The future solution to this is to manually write out an ItemStack based on its Meta and other data. However this would be quite a complex and extensive implementation

    • Reorganised all code, skills are no longer organised into classes. This is to prevent the duplication of skills which did occur in one case.
    • Removed any use of NMS as this caused the skills to then break on certain versions.
    • Updated the dependencies that many of the skills use
    • Initially updated to Java 17, but reverted to Java 11 for backwards compat
    • The skills will be built with 1.17, however they were all tested with an older version of Spigot for backwards compat sake.
    • Added minimum required versions for some skills which utilised version specific features
    • Fixed the Forage skill as it did not handle Nether biomes properly for NMS
    • IMPORT NOTE FOR FUTURE DEVELOPERS I replaced the use of getHighestItemDamage as this was recently changed in the latest Heroes update. It is now deprecated, so please use getFlatItemDamage(Hero hero, Material item) instead. This change was made because getHighestItemDamage actually calculates PvP/PvE scaling which SHOULD NOT be called in a skill. Since when calling the skills' damageEntity() method, this is what does PvP/PvE scaling. The method, getFlatItemDamage() will calculate the damage of the Heroes currently HELD item, considering mainhand and offhand item attributes before using a class's specified damage for that weapon.

  11. Kainzo updated ⚔ Heroes Premium ⚔ 10% OFF BEST RPG PLUGIN EVER with a new update entry:

    1.18+ ALPHA and MAJOR targeting + skill revamp

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  12. Is it only me or that plugin is a bit overpriced? Just a bit. No offense. I like your plugin.