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  1. Hello I have a error

    Every time I created an island and then restarted the server, the island was deleted.
    do they know how to solve it?
  2. having a problem, after server restart all islands get deleted. Any reason?
  3. Just to clarify, i didnt leak anything EVER
  4. How can I configure the visitor limit per island or rank?
  5. Ome_R updated ⚡️ SuperiorSkyblock2 ⚡️ The best core on market! ⚡️ 1.16 Support! with a new update entry:

    [1.6.0-Dev] External modules beta test

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  6. Has anyone got the problem where a player's island upgrades seem to reset? Including the border and generator, they seem to not be saving right.
  7. A bug report was filed and the issue is investigated.
  8. How users can go to the end world in their islands?
  9. Hey. Please add Java 16 support. It's very important.
  10. Ome_R updated ⚡️ SuperiorSkyblock2 ⚡️ The best core on market! ⚡️ 1.16 Support! with a new update entry:

    [v1.7.0] Support for 1.17, default worlds and more!

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  11. How do i add the oneblock addon? could you do a quick tutorial? I found the Oneblock github but I don't know if I compiled it right because the resulted jar got NPE on server boot...
  12. Is there a way to disable your missions progress in certain worlds? because i'm using multiverse and missions can be completed in my creative world
  13. This is one of the best skyblock games out there. My server is 1.16.5 is there a reason i can not trade with piglins? I know it has to be gold bars etc. however I can not trade with them. is there a setting I am missing somewhere.
  14. This doesnt sound like anything to do with the plugin... are you sure thats the issue?
  15. @Ome_R Can you tell me what doing /is admin purge exactly? What islands will be purged? All or long inactive players islands?
  16. Islands will be purged (aka deleted) if the last time they were activated is larger than the number specified in the argument (in seconds if I am not wrong).
    I don't really recommend using this command, as it will only cause data loss for your players, and if they'd want to come back one day, they won't have their island anymore.
  17. So it doesn't delete island, i mean blocks?
  18. It will remove the blocks as well.
  19. Hi! Is your OneBlock addon usable? :)