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  1. you can make backpacks smaller than 9 slots if you need...
  2. I didn't deny it. I just said nine slots isn't always enough for a backpack
  3. I also noticed that new backpacks ignore the ShowContent option. Until you open them, they won't lose their description.
  4. Very Nice Plugin!
  5. log errors when updating server from 1.16.1 to 1.16.2 and plugin to 1.6.4

    If you already had the plugin working you need to add these lines to your recipes in order to avoid errors on log screen

    Also I get these errors since the update
  6. hello I would like to add this to the players so when they activate a VIP receive is there any way to block the backpack creation?
  7. You mean disable the recipe for the backpack?
  8. Why is it that when I download the latest version, it tells me that it is 1.6.7?
  9. yeah sorry my bad, I forgot to change the version in plugin.yml, just ignore it, It will be fixed in the new version
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  10. hello :) this is a really good plugin. its working perfectly on 1.16.2. i just want to suggest if possible that whenever the player dies, the backpack and the items inside it would not be dropped. meaning, if they die the backpack will be with then when they respawn because im trying to make a backpack shop wherein they would buy it because the players wants assurance that their things wont be lost when they die. and also if possible, to block the backpack from being crafted. thankyou!