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    AdvancedOreGen - Changes your cobblestone generator | SkyBlock - This plugin allows you to configure the cobblestone generator for ASkyBlock or uSkyBlock.

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  2. I was not able to set percents
  3. Hey, I am very sorry about this.
    Could you explain the bug more precisely to me?
    Are there any errors in console?
  4. does this one work even if the owner is offline?

    also does it auto level up when it reaches the set level of the island?

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  5. How come it randomly quits generating? Spigot version 1.12. It works for a little while then starts making the sizzle sound and generates cobblestone.
  6. I think so. I would update it immediately if not, you have my word.
  7. New resource icon:
  8. I can't even get mine to generate anything other than cobblestone. I'm not sure what im doing wrong.
  9. Did you set all permissions correctly?
  10. I'm not sure... I'm new to all this server business. What do they need to be set to?
  11. This depends of what you have defined in your command.
    For example if you type in:
    /oregen generator add vip

    -> The player would need the permission
  12. On my server I created a Default Generator for all users and other Vip generators. The problem is that apparently some people (apparently from a certain level of the island - using AcidIsland) are able to use Vip generators without having permission. How do I fix this? There is no problem in permissions. As mentioned above, after a certain level of the island, the player automatically has the permission of the other generators, even though he did not give it. I hope in a reply as soon as possible and above all I hope it can be solved.
  13. Every time I reload or restart the server, all the data of the plugin is wiped, none of the generators save and I have to re-create them every time.. not sure why
  14. Which version are u using? And do you got any errors in the console?!
  15. I'm on 1.8, and nope no errors in console that I saw