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Player NPC via packets API for 1.17+

  1. SergiFerry updated PlayerNPCLib 1.17+ with a new update entry:

    PlayerNPCLib 1.17+

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  2. is there a maven import I can use? Direct .jar is not working smh.
  3. ensure you're using Java 16
  4. Hi!
    great work on this plugin ! :)
    is there a way to make the npc sneak ?
    and excuse me for my ignorance but how can I make an npc visible to every player and/or a specific group ?
  5. Animations for NPCs are coming soon, such as sneak. In the other side, the purpose of this API is to create personal NPCs, for a fully customization. In case you're interested in a "global" npc, create one NPC per player with the same attributes. In the future maybe I add an option to create global NPCs.
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