Spigot ✅ BetterRevive [1.8-1.18] • FINISH PLAYERS! Titles! PAPI! Blood! WorldGuard! Crawl mode! and more! 0.9.1-BETA

Give your players a second chance to live.

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    ✅ BetterRevive [1.8-1.16] • Custom time! Titles! PlaceholderAPI! Effect! - Give your players a second chance to live.

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  2. Is there anyway we can enable it per world?
  3. There must be an option in "Options.Worlds" that allows you to filter allowed or blacklisted worlds (by name)
  4. Feature request:

    Vanilla-teams-revive: true/false
    False by default

    Makes so players in your vanilla team can only revive you, others won’t be able to.

    Many people build events with the vanilla teams, so this would be a great option for event making.
  5. Sadly this won't be possible. Many plugins uses that team system to create scoreboards/nametags so it can cause issues/bugs in more than one plugin
  6. Paper has support for both vanilla teams and multiple plugins. Make it a paper feature, its a damn nice feature tho!
  7. Sorry, I support spigot officially, can't make a feature paper exclusive. Probably could be compatible teams/party plugins if I see people really need it. But since this is a plugin for survival I don't think it's strictly necessary
  8. Hi, will update come soon? Waiting for support for NoCheatPlus
  9. Hello join my discord server for dev build. You are probably using 1.16.x version, sadly in this version cancelling events are not working properly (client side they are bugged) so I'm attempting to "fix" this using some tricky ways but I need it to be tested before I can upload it to spigot.
    Join my discord server so you can download the jar file for dev build
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  10. Hi, could you please add a way to exclude Lava or some death types?

    And what about permission to use the plugin? So for ex. if I wanna this feature just for VIP players... so only VIP players could be revived, then a normal ones dies normally.
  11. Yes, next update probably will have that.
    About permission check permission section in config.yml if there is nothing similar to "bleeding" then its not possible.

    As you can see in my spigot profile I'm sick and update are paused. No ETA for updates as I dont have PC and wont be updating any plugin for now.
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  12. Do mobs target downed players? Hoping to use this in our community survival server.
  13. Yes, as you are bleeding, you can receive damage from any source (unless it's specified in the config)
    However, you cannot filter damage only from players or mobs. Or you receive damage from entities attack or not
    You are bleeding, you are supposed to be exposed to any attack source so your team needs to save you and protect you from any attack while other revives you
  14. Can the health of the bleeding state be increased? Just like how L4D2 or in Apex Legends lets you down in 100 health then decreases overtime, to give an opportunity for nearby players to revive you?
  15. No, health is only for finishing off bleeding players, remaining time is there to kill you if you werent revived
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