Bungee - Spigot ✅ EditableSigns ✅ 1.17+ 2021.2

Edit your signs without breaking it.

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  1. Hello! I like this plugin very much
    Can I share with you the www.mcbbs.net fourm in China?
    I will mark out your (sergferry) name and download link from spigotmc.org
  2. Yes, thanks!
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  3. Small suggestions:

    1. command also can change the sign,so it's more convenient to change sign with special characters
    2. command /es em can make players into sign edit mode.
    - In this mode,right click = copy signs,left click = paste sign texts,hold a sign item will ignore left click and right click in order to place signs normally.Shift+Right click = cut sign texts,Shift+Left click = save sign texts into clipboard(A gui save sign lines,also you can attach remarks on them by left click on the gui)
    3. support for signboards
  4. SergiFerry updated ✅ EditableSigns ✅ 1.17+ with a new update entry:

    ✅ EditableSigns ✅ 2021.1 version

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  5. First of all good work thank you :)
    Would be awesome if you can add the possibility to break the sign but keep the text/color/glow (eg in nbt data) and we can place it on another place.