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    SafariNet - Easy transport mobs around the world

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  2. Do you have ideas for new features? MSG me!
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  3. For the single use I think it would be better and performance wise that when you capture a mob it just turns it into a normal spawn egg.
  4. The idea of this plugin is that the captured mobs are 100% copies. If the Safari-Net turns into a normal egg, the result would be an different mob.
    For Example:
    SafariNet -> SafariNet:
    An very big captured slime becoms an very big slime after spawn.
    SafariNet -> Normal Vanilla-Spawn Egg:
    An very big captured slime becoms an random-sized slime after spawn. (That is the problem)
  5. Can the item name be configured?
  6. No, but i have fix that. Now you can configure the Item-Name + lore
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  7. @mastercake10 K, got the plugin now. Just a suggestion, wouldn't it be better to store the files in a MySQL database? I think yes because files aren't written every single minute, just when the player "captures" the mob.
  8. Thank you for purchasing! An single mob-file is sized ~423 Bytes, so i think that is no problem. I think the plugin would be laggy if all data are stored in an mysql every capture. But i think its okay to store all files in the MYSQL after server restart... Maybe i will add this feature soon.
  9. Ok thank you. Also the MySQL would be usefull for linking servers, like for example to carry Iron Golems as your own guards in the normal server and in the mining server (yes I have it in separate servers due to world generators, and inventory, exp, etc saves in MySQL). Another way to handle the MySQL stuff could be that when a player logs out, it saves his mobs into the MySQL maybe? I don't know a lot about MySQL so I might be wrong anyways haha.
  10. That is an good idea! But that "method" only works aslong as all iventorys are linked around the server(Same inventory). Next update i'll add this!
  11. Updated now!
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