Spigot ✅ V-Economy ✅ MySQL Economy Solution! [1.8-1.15] 2.5

Fast and Stable Money Management [Vault | Mysql | 1.8.x - 1.15.x]

  1. Can you please add like formatted money. So 1k etc
  2. Of course! Its already planned for future versions!
  3. Hello. I have a question. Is the MySQL able to sync. The coins on all Sub Servers (Bungeecord) if I have installed the plugin on every Server.
    Ps nice plugin
    Pps can I use the vault API to show the money in the scoreboard ???
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  5. Any chance this will support Towny? I spoke with the developer of towny about economy plugins using vault, it turns out the towny is using some old vault methods. Otherwise, I like the plugin. It's lightweight and easy!
  6. Any way that you can define where you want the economy symbol (example: a '$' but *before* the amount)? I found a way to kinda do it by defining a blank symbol and adding the '$' myself in the messages, but it doesn't work for the baltop list.
  7. @YourServerPromo

    You don't have secured commands from console. Example when i send pay command from console plugin no send excepted message about "You don't send this command from console". But send Warn. Unexpected exception while parsing console command
  8. I'm using the plugin and can't quite get the import from essentials function to work. There is no error and no message at all
  9. Hello, I use Economy Bank too. That Plugin have to find an enabled Economy-plugin, before it works. Unfortunately, your plugin will only be loaded after the bank plugin has been loaded. Maybe you could fix that? That your plugin loads earlier?
  10. The config says that it will come soon.