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  1. Why is the drinking system not working?
    Would you help me?
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    Hello, it does not work with geysermc, right?
  3. Update to 1.18 pleas :)
  4. Hi, I was coming to take a look to see if there was any info on the update for 1.18, the question is being asked so I am asking no more. I think but it remains my thought that there are going to be some problems, I went to see for the update of "LibsDisguises" and the dev says to have big problems to go to 1.18, that it could be that it does not happen only in 2022! After you never know he can unblock the situation before he is stuck for the moment.
  5. thank you for informing me :)
  6. When is 1.18 compatible
  7. hello can I get a refund for the item adder plugin because I have never used it
    mp me on discord : yanis_plsci#1615
  8. itemsAdder will be updated to 1.18 when this game version will be considered stable, so probably in 1-2 weeks. No sane person should update a live server to 1.18. Let Spigot and Minecraft developers work on a more stable version before installing it. As you can see even Paper devs tell you it's adviced to wait to update to 1.18. Experimental test builds for 1.18. Use with extreme caution! Backups are mandatory.

  9. Terms of service:

    • No refunds.
    • This plugin requires your users to download a resourcepack (which is sent automatically on join) one time.
    • Do not decompile, resell, crack, redistribute the plugin.
    • You may only use the plugin on a server that which you are an owner of.
    • You can sell custom packs, textures, configs... compatible with this plugin or plugin presets. PLEASE DO NOT TO INCLUDE MY DEFAULT ITEMS IN YOUR PACK! You can't resell my assets. Thanks. Also donation is appreciated if you earn a lot from it.
    • If you have any problem do not leave one star review. I can fix bugs only if you contact me. Check the FAQ for more info.
    • For support requests just click here (please be sure to read tutorials before asking for help)
    • If you find a bug please report it here
  10. [12:21:31 WARN]: "RPGInventory-BetterConfigs v1.0-SNAPSHOT" has registered a listener for dev.lone.itemsadder.api.Events.ItemsAdderFirstLoadEvent on method "private void dev.lone.rpginventorybetterconfigs.ItemsAdderHook.load(dev.lone.itemsadder.api.Events .ItemsAdderFirstLoadEvent)", but the event is Deprecated. "Server performance will be affected"; please notify the authors [LoneDev].

    This message pops up, will the server be affected?
  11. dude why refund? this plugin is amazing! i used it to create custom blocks, weapons, hats, armor, ores, guns, emojis, and more!
    what made you not use it?
  12. I really want to use this plugin, but I am 1.18.
  13. It will come but must leave a little time, 1.18.1 is recent but has been used with suspicion for the moment on server (the server version 1.18 has remained experimental). I currently have 12 non-compatible plugins out of 102 so things are progressing but it is better for it to happen without too much trouble, I saw a world generation plugin which had updated to 1.18 and the day before yesterday they released a version that drops 1.18 support due to issues. To see with itemsadder if the ores will not pose a problem with the new heights, but I especially hope that the NBT will not pose problems because here I am stuck in 1.17.1 and version 2.4.20 because the NBT items have changed suddenly my shopkeeper sellers can no longer buy items from 2.4.20 if I put 2.4.22 / 23, I also have the problem with the ovens and the anvil to repair the IA items not no longer work if I put in 2.4.22 / 23. So I will have to redo all the stores and before recover all the items that are no longer compatible so that the players exchange them with a merchant but I am not motivated at the moment to have fun doing this so I am working on the passage in 1.18.1 until I feel like it but I will have to put myself to it before 1.18.1 since it will require a new version of IA
  14. The cooking doesn't work.
  15. Hello, for the problems the best is to go ask the questions on the discord. If not, the cooking does not work or the cooking no longer works? (In case it is in relation to the NBT I will tell you)

    I mean: have you had ItemsAdder already for a while on your server with a version 2.4.20 and now the cooking no longer works with a recent update, with the items that you had them before the more updates? recent than 2.4.20?
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  17. I cant send messages to you.
    I created this tutorial, create items with Blockbench, you can put my tutorial in the wiki.
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