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Simple /setspawn and /spawn plugin!

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    MetroSpawn - Simple /setspawn and /spawn plugin!

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  2. This is a amazing plugin!could I share this plugin on mcbbs.net?Let Chinese people know this plugin!I have bad English,sorry.
  3. No problem
    Im justing recoding a old plugin and add some new features.
    i will add nos servers using this plugin
    The IP is that?
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  4. uhhh..The China forum.I will leave the original post.And turn it(Config.yml into Chinese.Thank you!:D
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  5. if you add
    • Particles (Custom particl with permission like a donor perk)
    • Cooldown
    it make plugin amazing! Good luck in develepment!
  6. Thanks a lot! ♥
    I think this weekend I will add sounds and Cooldown.
    Im glad to hear that you like the plugin! ♥
    The Particles I will add soon with a list in config.yml file. And you can change it
  7. thx a lot!!! Good luck you and you project!
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  8. not working in 1.13 ?
  9. Yours did not work?
    I will review my codes and I will contact you as soon as possible!