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Discussion in 'Resource Discussion' started by pollitoyeye, Sep 21, 2015.

  1. You need to make sure it is activated for your worlds in the config file.
  2. hi i just bought this plug in is there any way to get a gui?
  3. Works with Paperspigot bugless but i will not use another spigot only for one damn plugin the author is to lazy to fix.
  4. type /vehicles help. Shops are guis.

    Thanks and regards,
  5. Hello,
    I find that the car can't turn right and left .. :l
    Is that a bug?
  6. yeah. And the dev is to lazy to fix.
  7. Don't be lazy please xDDDD
    Please update and fix the error as soon as possible :p
  8. Dont hope for help. Look at his profile. He quit spigot. Last seen last year september or sth. like that
  9. ....
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  10. If that, will anyone record this plugin???
    Please :(.
  11. I enabled it, still did not work, when I do the command to list all the commands for this plugin, null appears next to all of them.

    This is the author, in tw is active. I talk to him but he does not answer, try talk to him so he says if will do with the plugin. I want to buy it, but only with the certainty that it will continue to be updated.
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  13. I've already bought it xD. But the author don't update the plugin Q_Q.
  14. Amazing plugin. If you own a server and try to make it more realistic, this is the plugin for you. I purchased it and installed it on my server: - and the highways and streets of the cities now have a reason to exist.
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  15. Please make it 1.8! This were so cool, i know it exists a version for 1.8 but only with Bikes, Trains and Cars, i hope there will be a 1.8 version with Submarines, Cars, Bikes, Trains, Planes etc. :D
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    Vehicles 9.0

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  17. Hey, I downloaded the plugin, but when I put it in my server it does not know how it is or something. Maybe because I once did a chargeback when it did not work and nobody responded to the support hopefully I can use it I do not swear to do chargeback.
  18. Send the server log
  19. The server log is too big
  20. Use pastebin to upload it

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