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  1. I guess you already tried to reset the config.
    Send me a pm so we can find the problem.
  2. I cant use it on java 14, it become fatal error. Can u update it for Java 14 too?
    I am waiting for it :)), because i cant use it on my server now, all vehicles, when i right click to mount, it takes the item from the armorstand. :(( Thanks.

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  3. Can confirm this error, trying to solve it.
    However I am not sure of why this is happening.
  4. It should be fixed now. Please confirm it.
  5. It should be fixed now. Please confirm it.
  6. It should be fixed now. Please confirm it.
  7. Is there any way to add a tractor.? Till the land. Break crops and harvest them? Or maybe the ability to seed and bonemeal crops. With fuel as the resource?
  8. Can u fix? If we OP, we can put and ride the vehicles, but we cant take them again by Shift and Right Click, and the vehicles become normal armor stand
  9. Legoman99573


    I do like the drills, which are cool. but is there any possibilities that you can add MCMMO support as a soft dependency?
  10. They are using an external plugin that allows you to have and sell custom items.
    There are tons of them on spigot. Then you configure that display name and item type in the config.yml
  11. It's in my TODO list, but it will take time. Each model requires a big amount of work.
  12. Please explain what do you want support for.
    I know what MCMMO is but I don't know its dependencies.
  13. I am not able to replicate it.
    Do you have any other plugins that may be interfering?
    Please try this in a server without other plugins so we can scope the problem.
  14. Yep, installed Vehicles 10.2 and everything is working perfectly. No errors in console, no issues! Thanks for all your hard work.
  15. Thank you, this helped and I was able to narrow down the problem and that's exactly what it was. Everything works great now.

    Thanks again!
  16. The permissions to use every type of vehicle are configurable/can be found in config.yml. As an example you'll find Bikes.type.BLACK. That permission would allow you to buy and use the black bike.

    To fill up fuel left click + shift a vehicle while being out and drop the items in the tank.
  17. Honestly, that's weird timing. I came to ask the same question, maybe that's a sign it should be noted near the permissions section.
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