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  1. Does this plugin work for 1.15.2???
  2. Hello again! I finished the first draft for my model. Attached are some screenshots and some info about the model. Any feedback is welcome!

    • The model uses as few armor stands as possible. The model has 37 armor stands, including everything from the wheels to the nosepiece. If this number is too high, let me know and I'll trim it some more.
    • The model is symmetric, as shown in the top and bottom photos listed above. Does it look nice? Well, that's up for you to decide. :)
    • The program I used to generate this model doesn't allow me to use heads. However, in the final product, the temporary wheels can and should be quickly converted into heads. (The wheel-heads you use on the existing plane would work quite well!)
    • Adding this vehicle should be a piece of cake. The mechanics are virtually identical to the existing airplane, and a unique weapon (maybe a ghast fireball / arrow shooter?) can quickly convert this into a fun, meaningful addition.
  3. I can't fly with hoverbike, paper 1.15.2 #318
  4. Are the rest of the vehicles working?
  5. I see there are multiple versions for this plugin but does it also work for 1.12.2?
  6. mam pytanie da się gdzieś indziej zapłacić czy tylko PayPal
  7. No, it doesn't
    Only Spigot >= 1.14
  8. Hello,
    i cannot figure out how to let my players purchase them they can access the gui but when they go to buy the vehicle they have no perm and to place the Vehicles they have no perm Thanks
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  9. How to remove uuid in the lore?
  10. ฉันต้องการ 1.12.2 เพื่อล็อครถ
  11. I am currently developing a handcuff plugin for a server owner, and I want the criminal that is handcuffed to be put in the car when the officer enters the car. But I don't think the api has enough resources for me to be able to do this. I'm using the events "VehicleEnterEvent" and "VehicleExitEvent" and for the enter event, there is no 'e.getVehicle()' but for the exit event there is. I am able to add the criminal as a passenger on 'getMainArmorStand' but there is nothing for the passenger armor stand in the api, so I am not currently able to add the criminal to the car. Please help.

    I've tried stuff like this:
    Code (Java):
    Player criminal = Bukkit.getPlayer(reversedMatchedInfo.get(e.getPlayer().getUniqueId()));
    ((Car) e.getPlayer().getVehicle()).getSecondSeatStand().addPassenger(criminal);
    Code (Java):
    Player criminal = Bukkit.getPlayer(reversedMatchedInfo.get(e.getPlayer().getUniqueId()));
    ((Car) e.getVehicle()).getSecondSeatStand().removePassenger(criminal);
  12. Please add a option to set a price for repair a vehicle
  13. Would love to see this
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  14. hello i kinda confuse to make custom fuel from custom heads. im already set config like this

    material: 'PLAYER_HEAD'
    displayName: '&6Fuel_5$'
    fuel-amount: 50
    displayNameRequired: true

    and still not detected i have displayName playerhead exact like that
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  15. Untitled.jpg well sometimes i got error chunk like this. any idea how to remove them?
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  16. kill @e[type=armorstand]
  17. nope it says player not found
  18. try /vehicleClear