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  1. Thank you!
  2. I am writing, for example, that bicycles are off in this world
  3. When will the commands be made normally? And not in the style of 2005, damn it ...
    /veh get <vehicle>
  4. By the way, in the snow, vehicles bounce constantly.

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  5. How many people can sit in a plane?
  6. Hi !
    I juste got some new suggestions :
    • Car trunk (lockable by the owner of the car)
    • A "serial" number for each car
    • A command to see car information without getting out of the vehicle and take it into our inventory
      On this command we will see
      • The fuel level
      • The repair level
      • Maybe the capacity of the trunk
      • The serial number of the car
      • The owner
    Tell me if I need to clarify, or help or anything else ^^
  7. Can anyone point me to docs for creating or customizing new vehicles?
  8. I can't seem to move any vehicles in 1.16. Everything else seems to work. I can even change the train direction with S and steer the car with A/D, but W does nothing. Any suggestions for what to troubleshoot? I already tried turning off fuel in the config.
  9. - If you are running Paper Spigot be sure armor-stands-tick is set to true in paper.yml
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  10. Can you help? cars do not work for me, etc. they write that they are turned off in this world and are turned on in the world (the world is also called)
  11. 1.12.2 Working on newest version?
  12. Hey for some reason, your plugin doesn't allow my players to drive vehicles on 1.14.4 while using paper. Which makes no sense to me as Paper is a fork between spigot , bukkit
  13. Is there any way to repair the vehicles?
  14. How do we move a raft back into water? seems like once the raft hits the land, it's stuck there forever
  15. Where do I change it?
  16. Also my price seems to be bugging out - I've amended the prices for the vehicles in the config but some of it shows as 0000
  17. My players seem to be getting kicked for flying, when using the helicopter this has happened a few times on my server. Once they get kicked they lose their vehicle. Any way to fix this?
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  18. Feature Request: Could we have bigger vehicles like commercial airplanes and buses? That would be very nice and useful.
  19. hey! it says theres a internal error using the command, i got everything like vault, if you want the console command look at this