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  1. Dear Sir,
    I'm writing to ask to post on this page a Russian-language guide on this plugin. I think that this will be useful to many Russian server creators. Your sincerely, Dmitry
    P.S. I'm enclosing video
  2. Super uncool to not be able to set limits on how many you can have. Also no feature to only have ONE at a time... I seen someone with 200K bikes !! Ruined the server. Remove on dismount? FINE. If someone logs out then it's not removed. The plugin has potential to be good. It also (at this time) has potential to crash any server simply by making a macro to buy and place vehicles as there is no limit. Too many permissions. It would be simpler to have vehicles.use.* instead of having to make a permission for each and every vehicle... extend the permission to vehicles.type.* and vehicles.type.bikes.* and vehicles !! Star permissions wont work so you have to make a type permission for each. Group them in categories then you can use * on a broader range of things... Oh well. I have to take it offline as I'm not about to have 100 zillion vehicles cluttering up the server. If you could fix the limit of vehicles per player, it wouldn't be so bad. But remove vehicles on mount in config just isn't good enough: see, People can place the thing and not use it... then place more and MORE !!! until it crashes. There needs to be limits on how many and an option to remove ALL of a players vehicles on logout !! Don't make this fantastic resource another TOOL for some malignant hacker who only cares about wrecking servers. Thanks
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  3. just balance with price.

    expensive price can decrease user to buy lots of vehicles.
  4. Hi there, LOVE the plugin! Just curious, I notice a lot of particle effects from some of these vehicles. I'm not a programmer so I just wanted to ask; If I have a lot of players on my server, can all the cumulative particle effects from everyone's vehicles when they aren't using them (i.e. bubbles under the rafts) cause any lag on my server? Thanks, and keep up the great work!

    EDIT: I'm aware I could just removeOnDismount enable, but it's merely a question.
  5. Hey Guys

    Does any of you guys have this problem and know how to fix it

    video down below

  6. I use this all the time and get no problems with it :)
  7. nice plugin! will there a fuel system? Thanks!
  8. Hi. I do not speak English, so I can't view the entire forum. Problem: when the player chooses the transport squatting, it becomes 2, ie it is copied (dupe)
  9. poll can you please add more people to raft? Like 4 persons on raft, 4 persons on car, 2 on motorbike, 3 on submarine ?
    Please could you add this feature ? because I'm in need of vehicles that can take more people in it! If needed i can even pay you extra for it.
  10. Please use a single command

    /vehicles [help/shop/give/list/get/types] [car/bike/train/raft/parachute/helicopter/tank/broom/submarine] [name] [player] [number]

    /vehicles help -> List of commands
    /vehicles give car black player 1 -> Give 1 black car to player
    /vehicles shop tank -> Tanks shop
    /vehicles list broom -> Show brooms list
    /vehicles get car red -> Player get red car
    /vehicles types -> car, bike, train, parachute, helicopter, tank, broom, submarine

    It would be much better.
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  11. I am enjoying this plugin, seems to work great. But I'm having a little trouble with two things. First, how do I "break" a vehicle to be able to pick it up and relocate it? Punching has no effect, I'm sure it is a config setting, but which one? Second, how do I get the tanks to fire? I can place tnt, but when I right-click while holding tnt nothing happens. Otherwise, this fantastic plugin is working awesomely!
  12. Shift + Right Click
  13. If you could update the permissions so it just has "vehicle." in front of them, so if i want to deny all permissions to certain permission groups it would be 10 times easier. Thanks
  14. Sorry, doesn't work. I'm sure it is a config issue, but which one?
  15. Can you get a version for 1.8 and make it so you can have planes/Helicopters please.
  16. [​IMG]
    My server is 1.10.2 and I can not spawn the vehicles! I did everything right more every time I enter my server and try to put the vehicle is only a bau in the middle of the air or on the ground and nothing appears! Then I went to look at the console if I had another reason and I found what I went through in this image .... does anyone know how to fix it? please help me!

    Warning: I'm Brazilian and I do not know how to speak English so I'm using google translator to ask for help!

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  17. Hello,
    My players cant place Cars ... i Enabled the world etc but is there a permision for it?
  18. I bought this plugin 24 hours ago and it still does not arrive.
  19. Could you change permissions a bit so that rather than adding each individual vehicle's permissions, an additional way to do it could be something like vehicles.openshop?