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  1. u can
  2. it can use for standalone server or bungee
    if use standalone server,then use multiverse to create new world for ur td arena and lobby
    if use bungee,then go to config and change bungee to true,then it will make u auto join when joining the server
  3. I have a question about those,wut can I put in abilities of a tower?
  4. You can make your towers behave like any of the default towers from the last time i used this plugin. You set set the damage, range, ability, and look of your custom towers.
  5. i know i can make custom tower,but my question is,wut can i put in [Abilities: ] in tower.yml
  6. I dont know off the top of my head, its been a while since ive used this plugin. Either ask the author directly, or check the default tower configs.
  7. Anyone else notice there is no way to leave anymore? /td leave is missing and does not work in-game. It works on signs in the lobby - so players can get back to the main server - but not if you type it manually.
  8. I think that is something wrong in ur server,cuz I can use td leave perfectly,I can say that this plugins has no bug
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  9. Hmmm.... I will check conflicts with other plugins. /TD LEAVE is not showing in menu and does not work in-game. It only works in lobby with the sign. That seems very strange indeed. So the sign works in lobby, yet the command does not work in lobby when a player types it. Yes, it is most likely something on my end. The command does not even show on the list as available.
  10. I think it is something in my configuration. I started a new server to test it. I installed Tower Defense from scratch and the command is shown in help and works. Then I stopped my original Tower Defense server, removed all other plugins, and restarted it. Guess what? It still does not show the "/TD LEAVE" command. I am guessing it is a configuration issue. Something happened to my config file.
  11. It has something to do with bungeecord: true. If it is set to true, they autojoin once they get on the server, however, /TD LEAVE no longer works. If I set it to false, they must join manually, which does not make any sense because they are going to the server with the intention of playing. /TD LEAVE will work if bungeecord is set to false. It does not work if set to true.
  12. Yes that is true! /td join and /td leave are both disabled in bungee mode, Because you are supposed to be only in the game and not leave it (There is nothing else to do). However the issue arises if you are in an arena and want to go back to towerdefense lobby then you should use the quit item (magma by default). Im guessing you disabled it and now can't find a way to leave? I will enable the leave command for the next update.
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  14. Been having an error lately...
    Every time my players leave the TowerDefence game with /td leave, "an internal error occurred" and they keep the TD lobby items with their original inventory.
    Console errors.

    Hoping for a fast reply so that I can open the game again :D
  15. Hey guys, please how to setup Money on Win , essentialseconomy , eco give player (money) ?? where can i write , thankyou :)
  16. this is the third plugin i buy from you, and are all amazing!! but i'm having a problem with TowerDefense.. when i start a match it says "20 seconds for the match starting" but it won't start. i can also wait 2hours but nothing happens. can you help me?
    i'm using 1.14.4
  17. You might have a plugin that is conflicting with TowerDefense scoreboard teams, please test.
    The error does not really point me any where as it is mainly thrown by citizensnpcs
    In the difficulty settings in config.yml you can run commands on win and on lose
  18. @Wazup92 can you make all the player stats completely UUID saved, remove the player name. It causes issuses with my disguise plugin, also saving player name is not recommened since if players change their name they will lose their stats, I tried the setting in the config(use-uuids) but my disguise plugin still doesn't work with towerdefence although it works with other plugins that completely use uuids to save data