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Unique and stylish Land claiming and Land protecting plugin.

  1. Hi! I downloaded the latest version for my 1.14.1 server and it doesn't work? No errors, just nothing happens. Also the latest version of holographic display is 1.13 or something within that, so I'm not sure how it's supposed to work? Maybe I'm misunderstanding something or maybe I didn't install it correctly.
  2. Hello. Remember - to create field players have to place chest on Coal, Iron, Gold... block while sneaking.
  3. Also, there is build of Holographic Displays for 1.14
  4. The issue is that I am sneaking. I placed down a coal block, and while sneaking I placed it on top of the coal block. And yeah you're right there is, in the source of their page. I didn't know sorry about that.
  5. So, have you tried it with the newest Holographic Displays? Is it working now? Because for me the plugin is 100% working.
  6. And where's the paid version... lol
  7. I'm releasing it today, but it will take another few days, bacause moderators will have to approve it.
  8. Lol, I've posted my premium version of Additions last Sunday and it still hasn't been approved/disproved, so don't think it'll be a few days :)
    Can take up to 2 week -.-
  9. It can tape up to 2 weeks? Oh man, thanks for info.
  10. Yes lol. Pretty annoying tho. They're cheking all ur code and shit
  11. Yeah, I can understand that they are checking the code. That's kinda obvious.
  12. Ye but it's still way too long. Yet i understand it as a lot of people are submitting premium resources a day whose aren't good enough to be premium