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Collect every item in the game for a prize!

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    ✨ ItemCollector ✨ Add a Unique Challenge for Your Players! - Collect every item in the game for a prize!

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  2. This is a great concept for a plugin! It’s actually perfect for my server.

    My server (which isn’t public quite yet) is essentially themed around getting items. I won’t spoil what’s unique about it yet, but I believe ItemCollector will go hand in hand with my server, so I’ll definitely use it! :coffee::D(y)
  3. Glad to hear that! Make sure to message me when your server launches so I can add it to the server list! Feel free to make any suggestions in discussion or discord!
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  4. There are a lot more items/blocks that are normally unobtainable in survival Minecraft than just bedrock and the barrier block. These should all be in the blacklist by default.

    Here’s the list that I came up with:
    Code (Text):
    - 'end_portal_frame'
    - 'command_block'
    - 'repeating_command_block'
    - 'chain_command_block'
    - 'command_block_minecraft'
    - 'structure_block'
    - 'structure_void'
    - 'knowledge_book'
    - 'spawner'
    - 'grass_path'
    - 'farmland'
    - 'infested_stone'
    - 'infested_cobblestone'
    - 'infested_stone_bricks'
    - 'infested_mossy_stone_bricks'
    - 'infested_cracked_stone_bricks'
    - 'infested_chisel_stone_bricks'
    - 'spawner_minecart'
    - 'end_portal'
    (The last two can’t even be in your inventory.)

    There are also all the spawn eggs that I didn’t bother add to the list. Perhaps you could add wildcard support to the blacklist, and then, “*_spawn_egg” could simply be added to the blacklist to include all the spawn eggs.
    Edit: Never mind; this one has a config option.

    All those items/blocks cannot be obtained in survival normally. There might be a few more that I forgot. (There’s also the Uncraftable Potion, but that shouldn’t be in the blacklist as it won’t need to be obtained if NBT data is ignored because it has the same item ID as all the other potions do.)

    Also, does ItemCollector ignore NBT data? Because if it doesn’t, it should, or there should at least be an option to let it ignore NBT data. Otherwise, players need to collect every single potion and every single enchanted book; and any item with NBT data would, presumably, not count towards collecting every item.

    Also also, you do claim that ItemCollector is lag-free, but by default, it checks each players’ inventory every single second, which is a bit excessive. The player doesn’t need to receive the reward immediately after obtaining the final item.
    How optimized is the inventory check? Hopefully, it can’t cause TPS lag on a large server. I will definitely increase the value from 1 to something higher, such as 60 or 120.

    Oh, and finally, another suggestion that I have is to add a command that reloads ItemCollector’s config! That’d be a fine addition. :coffee::)(y)
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  5. Hey, thank you very much for this large list!

    ItemCollector does ignore NBT data, it just needs the item type in your inventory. The inventory check is pretty optimized, but could definitely be made better. I have a server lined up to use it with close to 50 players on, I'll be able to get better data from that.

    A reload command is planned and will be added soon!
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  6. em i have added it at bitcubes.eu
    however how can i or anyone see its score or progress?
  7. Currently there isn’t a way to track progress, that will be added in the next update :)
    I’ve added your server to the list!
  8. so currently its blanc no way to know how far i am no way to let the players know what they still need to collect or what they already collected?
  9. Correct. I’ll update tonight with a command to let players track their progress.
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  10. Can you separate the check permissions into two permissions: one for checking your own progress and one for checking others’ progress? :coffee:
  11. Sure can!
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  12. Wow, that was super fast. Thank you! :coffee::D(y)
  13. No problemo!
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  14. I get an error whenever I reload the config using /ic reload.

    Here’s the error I get in the console.
    Here’s the error I get in-game:

    Minecraft: 1.15.2 | PaperMC: #93 | ItemCollector:
  15. That isn't a command
  16. Oh, I thought you had added it already. :coffee:
  17. Not yet, next update
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  18. Does the total number of items (811 for me) in the check command exclude blacklisted items and spawn eggs (if include-spawn-eggs is disabled)? Because if not, it should. :coffee: