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Unique plugin for Homes and Warps in GUI

  1. Alright, I fixed the sound, so not it generates correctly. And I'm going to add the hide feature tomorrow. :)
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  2. I saw a mention of importing essentials warps into the plugin has that already been added?
  3. No, but I'm going to look into that today.
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  4. Hey, once i changed the title of my warps into colored ones i could not use the commands to warp to them.
    E.x i changed my crates warp to > &6&lCrates, when i do /warp crates it says this warp does not exist but it exists in the GUI with the new Colors
  5. The plugin wasn't meant to be used with colors, so that means the name of the Warp isn't Crates, but &6&lCrates actually. I'm going to make colored Warp names in the next update.
  6. I set permission for a group to make unlimited homes or just 5 and they still can do only one. How can I solve this?
  7. The Plugin is a nice idea, but the GUI isn't working at all.
    I want to try it so I gave e OP and wrote /sethome test, the GUI opens to choose a Icon but I can't. If i clicked something I just got the Item like a normal inventory.

    Next Problem is the interaction with Essentials. It is a lugin I can't remove and it has the same Commands for Homes and warps.
    Maybe change the Command to something like /guiwarp.

    It is a nice idea but it doesn't work :(

    Minecraft Spigot 1.13.2
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  8. Help having Issue with choosing icons for warps

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  9. upload_2019-7-24_7-8-57.png
    Hello! i'm having some kind of issue that do that some player cannot use the warps gui! this is very annoying because this issue touch every admin of the server so far, and a few player, is that possible to get help?
    #191 Mukano, Jul 24, 2019
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  10. the hide feature is it on :x?
  11. whats up my man, just wanted to post some issues ive noticed.
    1. the permission for limiting the amount of homes doesnt work.
    2.using the anvil to rename a home or warp crashes the server (ive had to disable /edithome because of it).

    running paper 1.14.4, using luckperms as permissions plugin.
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  12. Would like to do a video showcase, sent you a request on discord :)
  13. Hello, saw this plugin video on Songoda, was wondering if you have added the essentials import yet? this way my players dont lose their homes n etc. :)
  14. Is there a way to change the LORE of warps in the config?
  15. Yea it looks like anywhere they use the anvil UI to do anything it crashes the server. When you try to search for an item for the icon, it uses it and then crashes. Please fix.
  16. Homes limit not work on 1.14.4 paper can u fix ... ?
  17. Being quite new here, is there any way to assign the /home to an item? I own a server thats just for a group of friends, and I'm looking for a really user-friendly way to warp and completely eliminate console commands. This looks great but you still have to type commands to get the GUI to open.
  18. Not OP, but I used a plugin named Command Panels to give players a "main menu" and on a soulbound item that they spawn in with and can't move/drop. It sounds a bit overkill for what you need, but you can use it for developing an entire menu to stay away from commands and make everything simple for the players.