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Unique plugin for Homes and Warps in GUI

  1. Hey, reporting in issue with jailing on my server.

    I'm using a plugin called: https://www.spigotmc.org/threads/simplejail.80963/page-2
    I've blocked all the commands with Worldguard associated with this plugin, and it truly blocks all commands, BUT, if using the compass that this plugin supplies, it can circumvent the blocked commands. Any way for me to blocks this? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!!
  2. Hey, awesome plugin!

    Only, i've got a few issues/ suggestions.

    1. For me, Every icon in the menu is an diamond. I am running Paper v1190 (1.12.1). I am not getting errors in the console.

    2. Add the option to disable the icon when there is no permission (and resize the menu if needed.)

    3. Add an teleport delay

    Again, Great plugin, keep it up @MrHardyCZ
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  3. Please help, I just set myself to member rank (lowest) and the commands are note working.
    but the thing is in my permissions file I have this!

    - warps.menu
    - warps.warp
    - warps.sethome
    - warps.homes.3
    - warps.removehome
    - warps.home
    - warps.spawn
    - warps.togglewatch
    - warps.watch
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  4. Hi,

    I really like the concept of this plugin, but I'm running into an issue/missing feature. It would seem that the only "warp" you can type the command to go is spawn. For example, you can type /spawn and it just goes. However, if you have a home or another warp and you type say /home home1 then it opens the GUI. I see the benefit of having both options. Is there a way you might add this ability to just type the command and go for all homes and warps please?

    Also, does the warp "access" draw it's permissions from PermissionsEx (or whatever) or does this handle all warping permissions? I would like to ensure that if I have a private warp that only those granted access will be able to use the warp.

    Finally, could you add the ability to hide a warp from the GUI regardless if access is available? For example, I have a private warp I would like it not visible within the GUI.

    I appreciate your time!

    Thank you,
  5. Can you allow server owners to make custom alias through the Warps plugin config. That would be a huge help!!
  6. I'm using this on my factions server: onyxmc.mc-dns.com
    And players can easily combat log with this plugin even with CombatLogX installed.
  7. @MrHardyCZ hello, i enjoyed your plugin very much, is it possible to import essentials warp and homes into here? because it will be painful to import 800+ players information if i put this plugin into my main server
  8. How do I made so that people who are not admins/operators on the server, can still use this? So that regular players can tp home etc... Thanks! :D
  9. Comment peut-on désactiver les effets?

    should be


    It's giving me errors in latest Spigot 1.13, changed that in config and it stopped throwing errors ... plus the sounds started working again.
  11. How do i get more /sethome? only getting one sethome?
    • when i do /sethome 2
    1. [SetHome] Too much Arguments!
    Sever 12.2
  12. Hello, sorry for my inactivity. Gonna update it today.
  13. Thank you MrHardCZ, this plugin is awesome
  14. Does this integrate with EssentialsX?
  15. No, it works separately.
  16. Ahh is there a way with this plugin to set it so that different groups can make different numbers of homes?