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Discussion in 'Resource Discussion' started by craterhater, Feb 27, 2021.

  1. Unfortunately that would be a lot of additional work due to all the client sided packets so I won't be supporting it any time soon
  2. can plugin change player's gamomode to gm3 when they are in scense?
    i don't want to show their inventory slots
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  3. Hello! I am very much interested in your "Cinematic Studio" plugin and I have a question. Does it have an API and where can I download it? Thank you, your work is beautiful!
  4. This plugin currently has no available API. However, I can provide source code if you add me on Discord; craterhater#2316.
  5. Can the player teleport back to the trigger position after finishing the cutscene?
  6. Any intention to update this for 1.17?
  7. I am working on it. They changed a lot more than I expected so it is taking longer than expected... Sorry!
  8. May I know if it is possible for players to continue on the cutscene if they leave the server during the cutscene?
  9. Just wondering, is there any possibility of this happening? Also when is 1.17, I'm just waiting for this plugin to come out, before I update my server.
  10. I'll buy it as soon as the 1.17 version comes out!
  11. It's really good, but when is 1.17??
  12. Hi, I would like to suggest that you add support for model engine
    if you do that, extremely amazing things could be done with this plugin and model engine
    just imagine, scenes with characters doing complex animations and with 3D models.
    it would be something fantastic

    You could do things like this example
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  13. Yes, I've been asking for this for a while.
  14. Is there anything new? When will the plugin be updated to 1.17. Why don't you make a discord server so you can announce us in there?
  15. The little communication that there is and the time it takes to respond gives me mistrust and makes me doubt whether to buy the plugin

    You should create a discord server
  16. The plugin, is worth it. But yes, it is true that there is not very much communication at the moment, and a discord would be great. However I would like to say that once I emailed craterhater and they did respond, however, lately they haven't been responding, Maybe something big is going on in their personal life.
  17. Sooo, is there anything new with the 1.17 update...?
  18. Nope.. I've been waiting to update my server, but I can't do it without this...