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Advanced account security plugin.

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    PixelLogin - Advanced login plugin for cracked servers.

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  2. as un tutorial
  3. Will you update to 1.16.1?
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  4. Is there a config option to allow users with premium usernames not to be authenticated with Mojang?
    Hay una opcion de config para que se permiten los usuarios con nombres premium conectar sin autenticacion con Mojang? disculpe no hablo bien espanol
  5. Code (Text):
    #To activate the automatic login for premium users.
    premium-auto-login: false
    are users automatically registered too?

    and what if non premium user uses /premium, then he couldn't join?
  6. Hi ! I have a problem.
    My minecraft server is on 1.16.5, the database is ok, plugin is connected to my database. But my problem is that, when i join the server, i use /register command, that add my profile in the database but when i'm disconnect, muy profil is remove from the dabatase and i have to register again??
  7. por favor como se soluciona se borran datos de la db