Spigot ✪GUIControl✪ - Ultimate Server Control (Admin Control Panel) - Desktop Application [Free version] 2.0.2

Control Panel, Admin Dashboard, Android Version available

  1. Ah okay ^^, I willT
    Thank you :), i love it when users are contributing by giving me good ideas
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  2. NP, love to help out! :D

    This plugin is great btw :p
  3. @razorblur lol, the crash function... pure genius xD
  4. automatic alt checker? perhaps display a warning icon next to their head?
  5. Please Please Please :D Awesome feature can you add it??
    How about adding profile with Bungee Support?? So it much easier to control with Bungee Servers? :)
  6. I will make another version which support bungee :)
    This demand has been asked many times, I will try to add this feature soon
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  7. that will bi nice
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  8. work this with 1.10.2
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  9. Good to hear :)
  10. Can you please add a bungeecord function
  11. Would it be possible to add option to add plugins?
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  12. Thanks for that suggestion, good idea :)
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  13. i fill in the things
    ex: server: http://123.456.789.99:11111
    code:paste it in
    then i press test connect and it says connection is not working
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  14. Do you have the newest java version installed?
  15. Yeah l do have the latest version installed. But lf l download your previous update l can open it fine, but this update l can't ;c