Spigot ✯Kumandra's Economy[1.16-1.18]✯ 1.5

SQL Database, Primary/Secondary Economy, Trading, Shops, Delivery, Quests, Jobs, FREE PLUGIN!

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    ✯Kumandra's Economy[1.16-1.17]✯ - Primary/Secondary Economy, Trading, Shops, Delivery

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  2. You can reset the plugin by deleting contents inside the plugin's folder
  3. Kumandra's Economy 1.4 works on 1.18
    If you found any issues, report it on my discord
  4. Hey I'm really interested in trying out your plugin, but it isn't functioning with the economy plugin I'm using, because your plugin checks for the economy in its start method, before the economy plugin has loaded.

    Any chance you can have it check later, or maybe twice? You can see in my image that it's loading, then EconomyX loads after. Thanks!

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  5. Thank you for reporting, I'll work on it when I'm not busy, as of now I am busy on my university paperworks. You can join my discord if you want to :)
  6. it would be cool if you can also set up that you could sell
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  7. Hi author!Great Plugin!May I forward the plugin to www.mcbbs.net ?(A Chinese Minecraft Forum)For sure, I won't give out the jar. I will only provide language translation and introduction in my post. I will provide the download link to your spigot page and let them download in your spigot link
    Please forgive my poor English ,Author.
    Please allow my application .