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Discussion in 'Resource Discussion' started by LagBug, Jan 20, 2019.

  1. All right, thanks.

    I’ll be waiting for the update. :coffee:
  2. Any ETA for the 1.15.2-compatible version of Giveaways? :coffee:
  3. Hi there. It might take some time as I am currently really busy. Sorry about that (y)
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  4. All right, no worries! :coffee:
  5. Hopefully, it’ll be here soon. :coffee:
  6. Hi, this week I'll work on my other plugin, CaptchaX, and as soon as it's finished I'll make sure to update Giveaways. Sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused.
  7. Don’t worry about it; there’s no rush. :coffee::)
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  8. Hi, it’s been a while now. When do you think the update for 1.15.2 will arrive? :):coffee:
  9. Hi, I am very sorry about the delay and the inconvenience this might have caused. I will update it today.
    If you'd like, I can give you XProtect for free, let me know. :coffee:
  10. Just added 1.15 support, enjoy. Sorry for the long delay.
  11. Thank you! :coffee::)(y)
  12. Not a problem
  13. Hey LagBug! Hope you are doing well. I won this plug-in in a giveaway done by Diamond and I liked it very much, it was a long ago and unfortunately I have deleted this gmail account from google and I lost the password of the account, I was already logged on here on the device.
    Can you please do a transfer to a new account I made.

    Thank You,
  14. Sure, what's the account's name?
  15. I cannot seem to find the WIki or permissions guide? Can i get a link please? Thank you
  16. Thank you so much its Lagpixel.
  17. is this 1.16.x compatible?
  18. Currently, it isn't, but I'll add support for it soon
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