Spigot ❄ [1.13.2] Christmas adventcalendar | Highly customizable 2.0

A simple high customizable adventcalendar plugin for december

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    ❄ [1.8-1.12.2] Adventcalendar | Highly customizable ❄ - A simple high customizable adventcalendar plugin for december

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  2. Hello,

    Essentials have a command /ec. So could you change the commands ?
    And could you add custom messages for "Day" in the GUI ?

    Thanks ! :D
  3. Thanks.

    How can we customize the rewards and how can we give money ?
  4. Hi,

    What do you mean by "customize the rewards"? Adding for example a displayname to an item? If yes, you will need another plugin for that.
    This plugin does not support money transfer either.

  5. For example, we can set diamond for the first day, emerald for the second, etc.
    Could you add money transfer so ? For example on day 3 you have 50€, etc.
  6. Im sorry, that would make the plugin way too complicated.

  7. Are there automaticly added rewards?
  8. No. Only those you save by your own.
  9. What happend if someone opened 1 present?
  10. The presents are not randomized.. i've just god all items
  11. Do you have the most recent update? adventcalendar.open is the right permission.
  12. I found out I had the wrong version this whole time, it was for 1.12 and I have Spigot 1.13.2! I installed the right one and it works now, thank you! It's an awesome plugin!
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