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  1. Hello, urgent crashing is happening on my server and occasionally someone(s) pvs will corrupt. here is the error,
    https://ghostbin.com/paste/vwuen If someone could help that'd be legendary
  2. Your world files may be being accessed by something else. Make sure you don't have multiple server instances running, and make sure that nothing is editing your world files.

    You could also have ran out of disk space?
  3. Diskspace is massive, should not be the issue.
    What would cause the world to be being accessed by multiple instances?
  4. Well, most likely option would be multiple server instances running at once, perhaps one is running in the background.
  5. So like another server on the Node?
  6. Try installing a panel like multicraft.
    it will help multiple servers.
  7. Already have that.
  8. Have you, well, tried doing what the warning message says?

  9. Yes just randomly still happens
  10. Are you using multicraft here?
  11. Yep I am,
  12. I do not see how Multicraft or any other panel is of help here since those panels are nothing but fancy web applications running the exact same unmodified Java process.

    After stopping the server and deleting the session file and then starting it up again, what error do you get? It's impossible as far as I know to get the exact same error right away after stopping the server, deleting the lock file and then starting it again.
  13. As MrDeinns has said "After stopping the server and deleting the session file and then starting it up again" I wanted to stress that, are you actually doing that?
    I was recently dealing with someone who had a very similar problem. After trouble shooting with them for an hour, they finally told me the truth about what they were doing.... they were editing/changing/deleting files WHILST the server was running #insert facepalm emoji here#
    Any time you delete with these files you need to stop the server. The reason is because, lets say you delete the file then restart. During the restart the server SAVES the world then stops the server, therefor its just saving the file that's already loaded in your servers Ram, therefor not actually deleting that file.

    So make sure to STOP the server first!
  14. No, everything is all good after session.lock is rmeoved but then we will randomly crash, and the process repeats.
    This server is a 200 playerbase and I've personally been running servers long enough to know NOT to edit files while its online, The weird part is only pvs corrupt.
  15. What does the crash report of this 'random crash' look like? Surely it can't be the exact same error as the one you've already given. It makes somewhat sense at least; if your servers Java process abruptly crashed, it probably won't have the chance to delete the lock file and you'll get the error you've first given us on next startup. However, there has to be a simple reason to why it crashes, which undoubtly is not the same error report as the one you've given above. Please stop the server again, delete the lock file, start it up and give us the error it creates when crashing again (or maybe it's in the log files somewhere).
  16. Whats funny is no crash report is generated.

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