Spigot ❮⚝❯ Cern Essentials ❮⚝❯ UUID-Supported (Closed for longer Time) 1.9.1

Featured essentials replacement with over 67 avaible commands and full UUID-Support.

  1. @AVAPLAYS you're just taking my idea and putting it into different code, Reported. At least credit me for the idea.
  2. @jackYodil There are many other essentials replacements? You can't report this.
    Own code, own project.Remove the review or this will be successfully reported because false negative reviews aren't allowed.
  3. Is it just a coincidence that after I post mine you come up with the same idea? credit me or I report this.
  4. @jackYodil I'm not obliged to credit you. This is an own coded project, if you read therms of spigot you can't report me for this but i could report you for doing an invalid review.
  5. It's not invalid, It's true is it just a coincidence that you came up with the same idea a day later? and you reviewed and now you made it?
  6. It's invalid, read the therms :) The idea to create an essentials replacement isn't your Idea ;)
  7. Oh, Sorry I didn't realize all of the essentials replacements... Well...
  8. I cannot remove it unless you delete your reply
  9. Removed.
  10. AVAPLAYS updated ❮⚝❯ Cern Essentials ❮⚝❯ UUID-Supported with a new update entry:

    Changelog 1.5

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