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  1. This would require too much performance. I'd need to save the data about where the chests are placed and also which type it has. This data would be read on every reload/restart which would let the starting time suffer.
    Also, MysteryChest is designed to fill chests with your custom items so I'm sorry about that part.
  2. can you add when took the item in the chest then remove the chest option in config?:)
  3. If you use holograms, they will disappear once the chest was opened.
    For removing the chest once it's emptied, I'd need to save each chest individually which would lead to an immense amount of data to be saved which would then influence the performance and require a lot of storage space. I once saved everything, it was terrible^^
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  5. Hi Mylogo, i have two questions, which are unclear to me.
    I'm using OpenTerrainGenerator (with Biome Bundle) as custom worldgen, the world already exists, is the plugin compatible with it, or would i need to use it with vanilla world generation? Edit: as for example when new chunks are getting created.
    Is there a possibility to add items via Commands? As i would be interested to fill the chests with Crazy Enchantments books, or the possibility to just give the player a cash prize (i'm using vault and elementalsx for economy) If i find this information somewhere and i overlooked it, i'm sorry.

    Thanks in advance for answering the questions.
  6. There's no problem about the world already existing! I made a command for this case:
    /mys generate <radius> [delay] [generations]
    Having an already generated world WITHOUT MysteryChests? No problem! You can now use /mys generate and it will generate MysteryChests in the world within a specified radius!

    So stand in the middle of the world and use /mys generate <some radius>
    You don't have to change the other parameters, they are good as they are. If you say radius 3, it will look like this:
    And you're the #

    Also, you can register the world afterwards so MysteryChests will be regenerated. Edit the worlds.yml file, add your world name and restart the server - done!
    I already tested the plugin with RealisticWorldGenerator and it works without a problem!

    For the custom items, the command you need to use is
    /mys save <id>
    while holding the item in your hand. You can then access it inside of tiers in tiers.yml

    Please tell me if there are any more questions left^^
  7. Nah, i'm good so far :) Just bought it and will configure it, when i have time and will see if i have any open questions ^^ Thanks for the responses!
  8. Alright, thanks :D

    I'm open for any questions^^

    At the bottom of the post, there's a tutorial sectoin
  9. I was curious. Will these mystery chest continue to randomly spawn after generation? Or will i have to manually generate them within x radius every so often? If there is a method to auto spawn every so often that would be excellent. Thanks in advance for your reply!
  10. Right now, you'd need to regenerate them manually. However, it's an interesting idea to let them generate in a predefined zone. Once I have time, I'll look into implementing it^^
  11. Quick follow up questions to this Mylogo, as my world already exists i will just use the /mys generate with a radius so it gets generated in the chunks exciting. 2 question, radius, are these blocks or chunks? Like do i need to use 3000 for a 3000 block radius, or something like 30 to have a radius of 30 chunks around me the chests generated. And finally, there is a lot left to explore, these chunks will get generated freshly, when i have the plugin active, will the new chunks automatically have chest generated, or would i need to use the /mys generate command again? Thanks :)
  12. That would be wonderful, as it would replace the need for 2 plugins and just require yours. I was using treasure hunt, however, with it being able to be locatable with maps, and with lack of updates and such, I figure it might be better to see if its doable here. Thank you so much! If you do implement this, and plan to use maps as a tracking function, please ensure, that you enable a toggle on off option for using maps, as many of my players prefer to explore and find it without someone else using a map! Keep up the great work!
  13. The radius is measured in chunks. So 3000 blocks would be 3000/16 = 188 chunks. Therefore, you'd generate them in 188*188 chunks, so 35k. That's quite a lot, but it won't all happen at once, but every x seconds, it will generate y chunks (to not crash the server). I'd still suggest you to execute this command while nobody is online.

    For the ungenerated chunks: I believe they will be generated while placing the MysteryChest. That's why I'd use the command while nobody is online as there might be a bit of lag.

    Thanks^^ I'll think about a good way to implement this ;)
  14. Thanks for the great explanation regarding the radius
    Regarding the ungenerated chunks, i mean for example i do a radius of 5 chunks around Spawn, now a player runs into a 6th chunk which is freshly generated, will MysteryChest automatically add (with chances) a chest, or as my world already exist i would need to run the generate command again in new areas? In case i ask my question too confusing, let me know and i'll write it in German :D
  15. Oh, just noticed we are both from Germany :D

    You need to add the world to worlds.yml and restart/reload
    Then, EVERY newly generated chunk in this world (doesn't matter if it existed before or after adding it to worlds.yml) will have the configured MysteryChests generated in them (regarding the chances of course)
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  16. Close, Switzerland ;)
    Aaahh, gotcha! Thanks, that's awesome, will see if i have time tomorrow to sit down and properly set it up in this case :)
  17. Oh, alright^^
    When you encounter any problems, just message me ;)
  18. This plugin
    Can be randomly generated treasure in the world
    Or do you have to set it manually?

    Randomly generated, opened and disappeared, replaced a seat generation

    I need to know the function to buy

    can use command?
    In open
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